Tournaments and 2nd giveaway

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My last 2 Tournaments

As stated in previous post, I do not have too much time for steemmonsters and steem- related things this week.
Anyway I managed to play 2 tournaments ( today and yesterday), and do the daily rewards.

Yesterday went very well ( Ark tournament)

Thanks to @jarunik and @arkecosystem

Todays tournament I also did good
Big pointy Things
Got knokced out in last 8

Thanks to @steemmonsters


I will giveaway 1 beta pack
At least 3 times this week
This is the second one.
And I will also do a seccond draw after the beta booster
This will be for 1 steem, but for the 1 steem I will like to see or hear of your tournament experince ( or why you have not entered a tournament yet)

Beta Booster pack

Reduced Week is here
Todays giveaway:
1 beta booster pack


How it will play out

Will be in the same format as last week.
I will be giving away 1 beta pack at least 3 times this week
The cards will be sent to the winners next monday ( March 11)
I also will do a bonus draw for this weeks giveaways ( not decided yet, but will be at least one, What criteria I use will be up to me)

Rules are as usual:

Just type your steemmonster username in comment section.
No upvote, resteem or follow required.
I would appreciate if you do any of it though.
Winners will be announced on monday

weekend is soon here friends


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I have entered my first tournament just few days ago when I saw your results.. :) But, I am too weal for silver league tournaments, so I will try my luck in Bronze ones...


been there, lost there... :)

Oh well, i guess i still have too weak line up with almost no legendaries and few epics only. Thats kind if hard to participate in tournaments yet, but sooner or later i will join ;)

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Thank you very much for upvoting my last post in my blog.
So you are agree that in Novice-League tournaments should be only 3-Mana-Summoner allowed ?


Yes I agree, I also think that there should be tournaments where top 100 were not allowed to enter :-)


OK about this we could also think, not allow the Top 100 to play in Novice league.
But for me more important would be to don't allow this new Summoner in Novice League.

I mean if you look f.e. water, than Alric Stormbringer increase Magic attack for one, Valnamor also do this but he also increase life and speed for one.
Alone that your monster will always hit first because of summoner is a very big advantage, especially in water team with much monsters with big damage and in addition to add live for one - this together is so big advantage what you take for only 2 Mana-points that I think, that this new summoner really should not be used in Novice league.

With don't allow the TOP 100 to play can also be not so easy, because this always change. So the first question is if you take this my registering for tournament, by check-in or by start.
But ok this could be solved I think.

In the end in my opinion it's not the problem that this player enter the novice league - the problem is that they use their this new summoner.

It's like you take part in car racing (f.e. Formula 1) with FIAT 500 - what chance you have their if all other have racing cars ?


I understand your standpoint, and it`s difficult at lower levels to beat the new summoners because of their advantages. When there was manual tournaments, this used to be specified, lots of different rules, like no legendary cards allowed, if you used one you lost.
I think they are working on it, seen quite a few more that want this implemented

I did get kicked out of a tournament about 2 moths ago ( manually), because I had won a tournament before :-)


Yes correctly espacial at lower level is the advantage from this summoners much more than at higer level. To increase +1 live for all monsters of a level 1-army brings much more than to increase +1 live for a army with maxed levels, because their all monsters have more live than they have with level 1.

So I really think, that with "classical" summoner you will have in champions league more chances to win against oponent with new summoner than in novice league, isn't it ?


That`s right. Check out this battle,
With a little luck ( or less unluck) I would have won


Yes, without the last stun you would win this battle, it's a pity if you are so close before fighting him down and than get stunned and loose because of this.

After I saw this fight I have two questions for you:

  1. Did you know about chances for stun ? Maybe you know also something about chances for flying, dodge and slying and dodge together, because I really not found some percentage or something like this, also not for realitate.

  2. In the order of monster why you both put the Crustean King not to the end ? I mean at end of fight was both Crustean King before Magic-Monster so Crustean King could not attack anymore. But you both do it, so I think it will some reason for this, isn't it ?

  1. Yes I know the chance for stun, I think it is 7 monsters that have this, and I think chance for stun is 25 % ( what I heard) I think most of those abillities have a 25 % chance. So when put flying and dodge together I think it`s closer to 50%, A good reason I like the Cocatrice very much ( I had a fight in a tournament, where the cocatrice dodged 8-9 times in a row, so sometimes it is pure luck)

2: Simple answer; afraid of sneak. If I knew no sneak would be used, of course put crustean king in back ( I sometimes do)

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Still in preparation

I haven't participated in tournaments yet because they are generally hosted at my night due to timezone issues. I'll try participating over the weekends though.

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