Saturday beta booster

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Beta booster pack giveaway

Not playing much lately, only daily quest.
Thinking about taking a break next season, not sure about that yet though.
In the case I will take a break, it`s likely that i will delegate the cards away for one season.
Will do a post about it. Regarding terms and or price nothing is set and if i choose to go forward with this, it will be in said post

I have a Daria dragonscale lv 2 if someone needs to rent ( no charge)

Hope you all are good and doing well

Let get to the giveaway

The Beta pack giveaway

Most of you would know how this works
Todays giveaway is 1 beta booster pack


Rules are as usual:

Just type your steemmonster username in comment section.
No upvote, resteem or follow required.
I would appreciate if you do any of it though.
Winner will be announced on monday ( May 6th )

Take care Steemians


I was happy to meet you in game sometime. But it was very rare. have a nice weekend.

Same to you, Have a nice weekend


Do you have spare Alric Stormbringer lvl4+ for rent?

Sorry I don`t

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@three jay
gave you an upvote and resteem. thanks for a great give away

Thanks and good luck

Last minuite entry, wish me good luck


Thanks for the chance to win

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