Friday Silvershield paladin giveaway

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How is your season going?

Mine is going great, more on that below

Let get to the giveaway

Silvershield paladin Beta card giveaway

Most of you would know how this works
Todays giveaway is 1 beta Silvershield paladin card

Rules are as usual:

Just type your steemmonster username in comment section.
No upvote, resteem or follow required.
I would appreciate if you do any of it though.
Winner will be announced on monday ( April 15)

Just 3 days and 10 hours left of season

I have regained the joy of playing again!
And I also tried to do a tournament 1 hour ago. I felt a bit tired and in second round I fell asleep and lost, ha ha ha
Today I got to Champion I

Also climbed a bit on the leaderboard
I got into top 20 and will fight to stay there and maybe try to climb some
I expect the battles to get harder as seasons end comes closer

Thanks for reading and or participating in giveaway

Take care Steemians


Congrats on breaking into Champion. Good luck with the remainder of the season and most importantly keep having fun.

Same to you my friend. Hope you get into top 10 :-)

@anjanida is my Steem Monsters Name as well.

I have never had a Silvershield Paladin on my own. Yet my son delegated one of his' to me. When he wanted to level it up for the first time he took it away from me again. And guess what: I had been defeated even WITH his Paladin quite often and immediately after I had been without it again, I won some Life Splinter battles and a daily quest with Silvershield Knight in tank position. So never give up! Steem on! ;-)

I think it is a good card, and I use it a lot. If you need a Water elemental, I have a running giveaway for one also.
Both will be announced on monday

Yes, I hate this card if my opponents have it and I don't! ;-) Great, so looking forward to monday. As always. I love mondays! :-D


I have reached to Gold 3 and that's my maximum with these cards... Maybe in few weeks I will aim for higher league.. :)

Yes I can see that, hope you will my friend :-)

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