Flesh Golem giveaway, and

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Possible lease

As I do have a few cards I do not have a use for at the moment, so my thought it to lease them out.
I tried to lease out in the market, but had no luck so far.
Thought now is to lease them away for free, but will only do to people following.
No worries though, giveaway still works as before
I can do a list
Mostly some fire splinter and neutral cards ( I think it`s about 5-6 cards,) ,
Lv 4 - 5

I can lease out and you keep cards for 14 days, In that way I can lease out to someone else that might need it more
Hope this can be a good way to help build your deck
Leave a comment and we will see where we go

Let get to the giveaway

Flesh Golem Beta card giveaway

Most of you would know how this works
Todays giveaway is 1 beta Flesh Golem card

Rules are as usual:

Just type your steemmonster username in comment section.
No upvote, resteem or follow required.
I would appreciate if you do any of it though.
Winner will be announced on monday ( April 29)

Smal season update

Today I got to Champion I

Climbed a bit on the leaderboard
Now ranking 16
Still 4 1/2 day to go

Thanks for reading and or participating in giveaway

Take care Steemians


@wonderwop congratulations on 16th @stiant

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If you had to buy or lease a Legendary that's not a reward card, which would you suggest @stiant? I've had no luck pulling any. 😠

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That is a difficult question @wonderwop. Personally the one I use least is the ice giant.
At lower levels the reward legegendries ar damn good. Hydra at lv 1 is not very good imo. would depend on budget as well :-)
Your strongest deck seems to be Earth, so spirit might do the trick

I was looking at the Hydra but I'll need to save for that one. The Forest one kicks my ass alot. And I'd need to save for that one too. Thanks for your input @stiant. At least I can buy packs with Fiat. I wish they would start giving a kickback of SP again.

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yes, sp kickback would be nice. Right now buying at steemengine is probably the cheapest option ( but the you cannot use fiat) I think 1 pack is about $1.35 now
Not much the cards I have available for lease would do to your deck

Wow, that's a nice price. Slow and steady I will play, to win the daily quests.

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The cards I have, will give a smal boost to your fire deck.
So you will get the cards I mentioned in my post, Lets say 14 days, or maybe end of next season
Note that there are also 3 neutrals that will do you good, Probably best with fire cause of your other summoner lvls. I wish you luck ( And by the way get that exploding dwarf up in lv please, if you do miss some cards for getting it to at least lv 5 send me a msg here or on discord)

I do agree with @stiant, @wonderwop. Hydra is worthless at level 1 - even at level 2.

Good to know I'll keep my 12sbd for something else @itisjustme.

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Fingers crossed that you reach Top10 :)

And regarding leasing.. I will maybe need some splinter, but I still have others low level cards, so it wouldn't help too much at the moment.. But, anyway.. thanks for offer...

You are right, not much it would do at the moment. I do not think I will sell the cards, just use them as way to power up friends decks for a period :-)

Do you play any tournaments?

I have played 2-3 silver-bronze, but without big success :) Trying to bring up water and death teams... but it will take some time :)

@zenence and congrats on Top 16!

Thanks, still a long way to go :-)

Hi, @stiant!

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Congrats on that 16th place!!!

Same name, @pardinus, congrats on champion I, been ages since I got there

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