Elven cutthroat giveaway

in #steemmonsters3 years ago (edited)

Before giveaway

I usually do not play many silver tournaments ( bronze and novice I do not do anymore)
Today I entered a silver tournament, when I saw quite a few top players had entered.
I was hoping to meet one of them, but ofcourse I had to meet @zenence ( about 1100 rating) in first round
I always feel bad when winning against people from lower leagues, so I hope you liked the cards I sent you. I could send you a few more if you reply with a comment

Next round I meet @jacksartori, Hope you find the Cerberus I leased out to you useful
If I saw correctly, it was missing from your collection

Let get to the giveaway

Elven cutthroat Beta card giveaway

Most of you would know how this works
Todays giveaway is 1 beta Elven cutthroat card

Rules are as usual:

Just type your steemmonster username in comment section.
No upvote, resteem or follow required.
I would appreciate if you do any of it though.
Winner will be announced on monday ( April 29)

How my season is going so far

Yesterday I got to Champion II, are now only 230 rating from champion I

Climbed a bit on the leaderboard
Now ranking 22

Thanks for reading and or participating in giveaway

Take care Steemians



Do you find more interesting fighting with noobs? :)

No I don`t . That is why I usually play gold and diamond tournaments and I think I will stick to that in the future :-)

Really cool of you to help out some of the lower level players you come across!

Thanks! Good tournaments you are hosting. What are theese battle tokens for? If you don`t mind me ask

Good question,.. If you hold 1,000 tokens in your wallet you're entered into our month end prize draw. We are giving away some booster packs, more tokens, and a Plado Emberstorm legendary summoner this Friday.The tokens can also be used in our Battle Dice game, or can be sold on the market for Steem. In the near future Battle Tokens will be used for tournament entry..

@zenence and I didn't mind the early match whooping! Pleasure meeting you!

Thanks , pleasure meeting you too. Good luck In next tournaments!

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I was very surprised when I saw it, I didn't expect it. I don't have this card in my collection, is very useful. thanks stiant;)

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