Delwyn Dragonscale giveaway

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Since the start of this season, I managed to play an impressive amount of ranked battles, 2 to be precise.
Reason is that I decided to try out a profit share, so all my high level cards are leased out.
Still not sure what to do next season, but it has been good to free up some time.
I usually only play Gold card tournaments this season.

Anyway I hope you all are good

The giveaway

Seed promo card giveaway

I will give away 1 Delwyn Dragonscale card

Most of you would know how this works

Rules are as usual:

Just type your steemmonster username in comment section.
You need to be playing the game ( actively) .
No upvote, resteem or follow required.
I would appreciate if you do any of it though.
Winner will be announced on monday ( june 10th)

Take care Steemians


Count @axeman ;)

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Nice to see you again @stiant

How is it going with leasing? Is it more profitable than playing? I suppose that you have more time for life :)

Nice to see you too @cryptofiloz!
Yes, the reason I did it was to get more time for other stuff.
Profitability is not a disaster, but I would earn a lot more if I played myself.
So I need to reconsider next season :)

It is really hard to quit :)

Sure is :)

Hi, @stiant!

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