Well snap I have that same card but its purple and level two ? :P

Wow that is nuts, just opened my first boosters I had no idea some of these cards held that sort of value!


Thanks for the shout out! Business has been good for Akox indeed.
Can we now remove that ugly meatbag from the artwork? Did not spend time on making that just to have it covered by a fat guy and some youtube thumbnail text.
I'd carve him out myself but my dagger has a day off.

lol, I like your Akoxtic nature!, hmmm, did I just say that!, hail hail, for thy blade is Akoxtically sharper than the monsters that rants!. Nice.

This meatbag knows what it's talking about!

Modest Gremlin.

Gremlin he says... Someone seems to be needing glasses.
Then again... that was to be expected from someone needing such a fat fuck font on their thumbnail, covering amazing artwork.
It's alright tho Akox also has glasses. He doesn't need them... but he still has them. Out of solidarity for blind meatbags :)

I have 2 regular Selena Sky's
Are they worth much?

I like it. That means were headed to the right direction. Cant wait for the games to begin and these will go up in value for sure....

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