DTube: Steem Monsters Update Now Accepting Bitcoin Litecoin and Ethereum Through Blocktrades

So there is a new update to @steemmonsters today.

They are now accepting Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum through @blocktrades for the purchase of booster packs!

This is great news for both Steem Monsters and @steemit as there is a transaction that goes from BTC, LTC or ETH to STEEM/SBD which helps the Steemit ecosystem.

Let me know in the comments below what you think.

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As a frequent user of @Blocktrades I am very confused why limit the buying options to just LTC, BTC, and ETH? I mean at the least include Doge in there too (was just using the subreddit the other day, community is still quite active there). I can't say I have implemented Blocktrades in any site of my own, but I just figure if you can add one coin, can't you just add them all? Was their a conscious decision to exclude people from enjoying Steem Monsters from other coin communities? It all gets changed into Steem anyways right?

I think its a baby steps thing. Add three new crypto's see if that works, add more later maybe.

see if that works

lol, what does that even mean? @Blocktrades has been up and running beautifully for the years I've been using Steemit, "it works!" it's a matter if people want more money to come into Steem or not rather than limited who can buy Steem Monster cards :/

Edit: Anyone want Steem Monsters to have maximum adoption ability? Here is how you do it, don't limit the ways they can pay for them :) Any crypto that is on @Blocktrades can be used to buy Steem Monsters, it is someones choice that limited to just LTC, BTC, and Eth. Bitcoin Cash users seem to transact more than BTC, surprised it wasn't BCH picked over BTC, but still, I just feel all should be available.

Wow too cool! I think that be cool for those that have other crypto. Love the new effects! Only have 1 legendary, so hope get another soon :) Love these updates, keep them coming!

Very smart idea of @steemmonsters to accept the other cryptos! Man this company, just wow. Im fiending to play at this point.

Great thing and great opportunity for @steemmonsters to grow.

Like you said i think this is going to open the game up to more people. Ive run into a few people now that have said they really want to play just dont have the money to get started. So they have to really start make post to try and earn the steem or sbd to start, or invest cash into sbd or steem. Im sure some of those people have investments in other cryptocurrencies.

Great news. More options then more user & great fun..

good news for all user , great opportunity for grow with @steemmonsters .

They are really investing in the project, this new ways of payment open up a lot of doors and can attract outsiders. Especially considering that this are some of the biggest coins.

This will help a lot with increasing adoption

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