Steem Monsters Weekly Social Media Report For Week 3 (6/29 - 7/06) 2018

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*This needs more work this week

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Your too good!

Nice one

Thanks for the info in the 1st video. I have been wondering how folks got hold of gold cards. Absolutely loving SM and the direction of steemit atm. Oh and great work trading for gold makes this whole thing even more interesting to me.

Hi, where can I look to get some help with an issue I have been having?

I opened a booster pack yesterday, and recieved 5 cards, but today I checked and now I only have 4 cards, so I have no idea where it went


@yoghurt, was one of the cards which you opened a Gold Foil card? If so, you can find it on by clicking the button for to view all of your Gold Foil cards, which are displayed separately from the rest of your cards.


Ah there it is, thank you!