Steem Monsters Update! Now Accepting BTC, LTC, & ETH plus New Effects for LEGENDARIES!

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The Steem Monsters team is proud to announce we're now accepting BTC, LTC and ETH for payments for cards. We're utilizing the Blocktrades API to allow for multiple currencies to pay for Booster packs! As long as you're logged in using a Steem posting key you'll be able to see the various payment options.

EDIT: To clear up any confusion here - any BTC/LTC/ETH spent will be used to purchase STEEM, through blocktrades, which will then be used to purchase the card packs. Every card pack purchase will be associated with an appropriate transfer of STEEM or SBD on the Steem blockchain. The whole point of this update is to increase the demand for STEEM!

If you're choosing one of the other currencies you'll be greeted with an image like this:

Once you have sent the image the backend will check for the transaction and deliver the cards upon payment. Please bear in mind that other coins don't have 3 second confirmations and using other currencies may take longer than using Steem/SBD.

Legendaries are more LEGENDARY!

We're also trying to improve the experience for our users by making the game as engaging as possible. Our goal is to create the most immersive experience for our players as possible. We're working on the overall soundscape of the game while we're building the market and fighting.

One critical spot for engagement is the card flip! The card reveal process when you realize what you've earned is a fun and exciting time. We've just made it better! Legendaries have a new and improved reveal to them.

Happy Hunting!

Steem Monster Contact Info
Official Account: @steemmonsters


Good developments.

Beautiful .. Interesting
Great post from you, thanks for the words
Thanks for sharing..

Screenshot-2018-6-24 Welcome to Steem Monsters .png

Oh Yeahhhhh! Purchased with LTC Baby!!!!

hmmmmm I actually am not a fan of this update I was hoping it would be kept to steem only which would make demand for steem go up. It seems like not a Steem project anymore with this update. Just my two cents

@bitcoinflood - I think you are misunderstanding this update. We are using Blocktrades to automatically convert BTC/LTC/ETH payments to STEEM to purchase the packs. This is just making it easier for people who don't already have STEEM to purchase packs since they don't have to trade for STEEM first.

Now every time someone buys packs with BTC/LTC/ETH they are actually purchasing STEEM on the markets through Blocktrades which will increase the demand for STEEM.

I'm glad you posted this so we can clear this up for everyone - we are 100% committed to increasing the demand for STEEM through this project (and most everything else we do)!

Thanks @Yabapmatt for clearing the doubt. For new users like us it’s now easier and profitable since we can directly purchase STEEM using ETH.
Definetly it will increase the demand of STEEM.
Keep improving.....✌️✌️✌️✌️

Ah! Sorry I missed that key point. Then boom all good thank you for clearing that up as it was a legit concern of mine. Keep up the awesome work. I seriously can't wait for tournaments though!

Fantastic update Yaba. Was hoping you guys did this. Rawdawg stamp of approval!HA! 😀

I like this. I've actually had to do that, convert BTC to SBD then purchase cards. This will make it easier.

That's a really smart move! It's a wonder what you can think of. @yabapmatt. You already have two revolutionary idea on steemit.

Lame. Please get one coin rule them all attitudes out of Steemit, there already enough people that are trying to limit the crypto communities (see Bitcoin v Bitcoin Cash as the worse, but there is hardcore fanboys in every community that preach only one coin, fuck that). The more friendly Steemit plays with other decentralized applications outside the Steemit community, the larger this community will grow.

Steem Monsters should be on every single blockchain, if "Bitcoin Monsters" or "Litecoin Monsters" wants to exists, whatever, they all will point to the originator and biggest one, Steem Monsters, used on the Steem blockchain no matter how you purchase, be proud.

Just my two Satoshis.

Great work on all the new updates. Can't wait to see whats next everyone!

Great work on all the
New updates. Can't wait to see
Whats next everyone!

                 - reseller

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

It will be a big fight when you add big ones. I'm looking forward to it... !

Thanks for your information

This is cool that we can pay with other crypto aswell now
well done

That's cool but I just got slaughtered on 21 packs.... Break time..... My mojo is gone. Lol

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