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Steem Monsters Love is alive and well and made it through HF2! Steem Monsters love was shown throughout the whole time we could not get on Steem Monsters or Steem itself. Many Monsters were around in Discord like @crytsalhuman who was hilarious with an upbeat attitude and tremendous amount of love for Steem Monsters! He shared his hilarious Monster memes throughout the whole ordeal! I had to reward him with a pack of booster cards for showing so much Steem Monster Love! He could not purchase a few cards he wanted during the RC issues time and I was able to help him with a little bit of that. Here are two of his hilarious memes!



I think everyone in the Steem Monster community is awesome and I am grateful to be a part of it! I love that we all know and love Steem Monsters and have faith in yabapmatt and aggroed. I believe Steem Monsters will be huge! As big as Pokemon or Cryptokitties! I'm not into Cryptokitties or Cryptofighters anymore. I am selling mine now and buy Monsters with the Ethereum! I just love Steem Monsters! It takes gaming to a amazing decentralized blockchain level that I crave! I also had a little live Discord Giveaway of 5 booster packs during this time, that was too much fun! With all the test battles going on I have also been taking requests from anyone who has a team they want to fight and I will then post the video from it! Catch me on Vimm.TV live as well as daily Dtube videos of battles! Thank you to all fellow Monsters for being here with me and giving me a solid place to hang out, have some fun and battle some Monsters! I will see you all in the arena soon!
May the monsters be with you!
Chris Love

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Rofl buy booster pack not enough rc to open it, true story true story, needed to wait for the recharge lol.


@crytsalhuman is the excellent meme maker- they are all so funny! :-)

Awaiting the battles come out, yay!!

Die Memes sind Klasse, vielleicht sollte ich den Steem Monsters Discord doch nicht komplett stummschalten...

Steem Monsters Love is alive and well and made it through HF2!

So lange gibt's das schon? :P

[...] and I am grateful to be apart of it!

Wieviel Einfluss das Fehlen eines klitzekleines Leerzeichens doch auf die Bedeutung des Satzes haben kann^^