Steem Monsters is Seeking Partners and Tournament Sponsors!

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We have an audience of thousands of people already versed and invested in blockchains.

You have a project that's very cool, but needs eyes on it or is always looking for growth.

We have a solution!

Give us stuff to give directly to players!


Stuff can be Steem/Sbd if you're already on the Steem blockchain, but it can also be Tokens representing items in a different game, it can be Tokens from other blockchains, it can be a membership to a club, or anything else that may have value to players.
If you have something digital to hand out to get noticed, we're ready to work with you!

Flipping the Ad Model - Direct Payment to Users

We're not asking to charge for this. We're looking to pass 100% of the spend onto the people you're targeting. We're flipping the advertising model.
Instead of paying us to show your product to people, we're facilitating direct payment through a free-roll (no entry fee) tournament to your intended audience.

You aren't paying us to talk about your project. You're paying people directly a "token" amount of money to become interested and involved in your project.

What to do?

Hop into the Steem Monsters Discord and message @aggroed with what you have and what you'd like to put up as a tournament purse. Let him know if this is a one-off thing or recurring and then put together a plan around how it's announced, handled, and then we'll let it run.

Thank you for your continued support!

Steem Monsters Contact Info:


Steem Monsters Website

Steem Monsters Discord

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Can it be something that is already just what we're doing? I.E. at my Punday Monday contest, I give 1 SBI to every eligible participant.

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Welcome to the next level of advertising.

awesome stuff, guys... once you guys intend to get "tangible, real" stuff in the game such a a bottle of gin or some thing alike hit me up!

Cheers, & all the best for now

Steem monsters cards can be exchanged for Steem, which can be exchanged for fiat currencies, which can be exchanged for goods and services, such as gin!

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The main challenge is shipping, real life names and addresses.

If you're interested in hosting a "spirited" tournament I'm happy to facilitate, coordinate, and help. Come message me in Discord and we can talk it through (note you could end up with international shipping)

This is a great idea. ChibiFighters would be a good choice. :)
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Великолепно !!! STEEM очень не хватает рекламы. Я рад, что Steemmosters понял, что это намного раньше.

Woou! This is genial.

Brilliant :)

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Excellent! You may look at the Basic Attention Token (BAT) for further ideas of applying this new advertising principle to the SteemMonsters project. BAT was recently added to Coinbase retail platform, and is connected to the Brave browser. Perhaps you can work out an arrangement with Brave to give Brave users starter packs when they reach a certain level of rewards as a result of their browsing activity...

I love that kind of marketing tool it has huge potential!!!