Steem Monsters is Recruiting Sponsors and Advertisers

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Just like boxing and a variety of traditional and e-sports games have done we're now investigating having sponsors. Sponsors will be able to host tournaments and/or provide a variety of rewards for players. A sponsor essentially puts up a tournament purse, with whatever types of prizes they want, and the Steem Monsters community battles it out to win it. The sponsor gets attention and the players get money!

Similarly we're looking for advertisers as well. We'll put ads on our site and get your message out to our highly targeted, crypto-savvy audience.

Why this is a great opportunity for players

We're currently delivering over 100,000 page views per day on the website to around 2,000 daily unique players. That's a significant asset that we don't think should go to waste. Any revenue brought in from sponsorships and advertising can go to further development, increase marketing, and larger tournament prizes - all of which benefit the overall community by ultimately increasing the value of the cards.

Why this is a great opportunity for advertisers

Steem Monsters has a highly targeted audience of people who own and understand cryptocurrency, and since they are stakeholders in the platform by owning cards they have every reason to be excited and supportive of brands who choose to advertise and sponsor prizes in the game.

Compare this to traditional advertising channels where you have to fight against everyone doing whatever they can to block or ignore your messages.

What are players looking at?

The most popular views in the game are based around fighting or your collection.

The most popular is battle history followed by create team, battle, the collection tab, and the market.

What will it look like?

We're doing our best to make sure any adverisements on the site are non-intrusive and fit in with the overall look and feel of the site. The goal is really just to let players know where the prizes they are winning are coming from, and encourage you to support those brands who are supporting us.

Some mockups of potential ad placements are shown below, though please note that these are not final and are subject to change.

The Battlefield

On the Battle Page

Market / Collection

Preliminary Pricing

To get the ball rolling we are offering 50% off our base pricing to our initial advertisers. We expect this will be an amazing opportunity for brands to reach this audience.

We are going off of a typical CPM model (cost per 1,000 impressions) however we are open to discussing other pricing models if preferred.

  • Battlefield Sponsorship: $25 CPM $12.50 CPM w/ 50% discount
  • Battle Page / Leaderboard Sponsorship: $25 CPM $12.50 CPM w/ 50% discount
  • Market / Collection Page Sponsorship: $15 CPM $7.50 CPM with 50% discount

We accept most forms of crypto or USD for payment.


If you're looking for something more specific and tailored to you let us know and we would be happy to work with you to design something unique that best represents your brand and your message! The best place to reach us is aggroed at Steemmonsters dot com or in Discord at

How do I order?

Please start by filling out this form and we'll go from there!

Have a network of people looking to advertise?

Some of you might be in the advertising business, you might have a job marketing a company, or have connections to people that do a lot of advertising for their business. If you think you have a way to bring in a large advertiser please talk to @aggroed in Discord and let's work out a plan that incentivizes all of us!

Thank You for your continued support!

Steem Monsters Contact Info:


Steem Monsters Website

Steem Monsters Discord

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You guys are actually the best! Actions speak louder than words, you are sticking to your plans and excelling! Thanks for all the hard work.

Glad to see you folks are forward thinking and continue to find ways to generate multiple streams of revenue. This is just another reason why you will continue to have much success in the future. I didn't think I would become so immersed in SteemMonsters, but I have and it is great!

great idea man.

What's the difference between sponsoring and advertising? I can't seem to find the difference. You seem to interchange these words as if they're the same. Are they the same?


Advertisers pay to have their banner ad seen by site visitors.
Sponsors put up the prize for a tournament in exchange for naming rights.


Oh hey by the way, have you heard of swiftcash? I believe you had some smartcash right? We forked off and split under a new brand called swiftcash. The deadline for claiming is 20 days or so. Make sure you move your coins to a new address or add some coins to the same address so it won't be deleted in the coming fork/reset. Let me know if you need any help. You can also join us on We also have a mining discord on Hope to see you there soon!


Thanks for the heads up. I haven't kept up with Smartcash, just holding $20 worth.
Can you drop a nominal amount into SPv1tVoR3GcEFsiErhuxpnxrNgdTdpaVhs for me please?
Let me know when you've done it and I'll bounce it back.


Sure. I sent 1 SWIFT. That will do and don't worry about it. Whenever you have time though, make sure you at least join our discord for mobile mining without any hash power or stake; you just need to verify your discord account with SMS, if you haven't already.


Thanks for the reply! I didn't notice until just now :P

Good luck!

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035 - Unicorn (764px, 5fps).gif

@aggroed pmed :)

What a great idea and a bright future! Keep up the great work!!

cool post, the only reason i joined seemit was so i could play steem monsters lol. still need to figure it out yet but i've only just joined :)

This game looks even more interesting day by day and is making me more and more interested every post. I’m glad to see that lots of time and effort are being put into this and hopefully I will be a new player soon

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It is so much fun along with being what appears to be an excellent investment- look forward to seeing you on the battlefield Chris! :)

I wish you the best of success. This is how you ultimately monetize the whole chain.

you should offer discounts for payment in steem

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in my opinion, for 2 years it is better than a game on the platform of a blockchain I did not see. Good fellows continue to develop! Hi from Ukraine))))P80521-120937.jpg

Awesomeness guys, i'll resteem this so maybe some more people will get to read this!

Hi I wanted to win this but don't know how I can do this?

This game looks amazing

Congratulations @steemmonsters!
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I joined the game for being steemit and participate in whatever Steemit is, but at this point I spend more time playing Steemmonters than steemit

Looks solid I might even pick some up just to promote my steemit account lol


Happy to work with you on that.


Discord ? - Valor2S#7557

Hey, nice Post . I was thinking: Is it possible to make multiple accounts and just grind each one everyday, so that with many accounts at the end of the season instead of 20 bucks, you get 100? Or is that not allowed?


Hi. Yes its possible, but the rewards have been structured so that it's usually more productive/lucrative to focus on one account.

I will be doing advertising on my new website :D, with that I take advantage of publishing my referral link. hehehe

Building an app on the blockchain done right.

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I have an advertisement on my site for steemmonsters


I get around 50 users min weekly to visit the site.

Hire me! 🙏

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This is the best game so far, best among the rest getting more interesting day by day

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I will be happy to sponsor your steemmonsters game . Please allow me to make this contest big and big and people also know about me..........

shout out for steemmonsters

I like the idea of you being aware of the fact that people want to know where are prizes coming from. Keep it up

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🙋Awesome ! im looking forward to when the Steemmonster Tournys start, I think advertising those that are sponsoring the tournament is a great idea, especially if it means more prize money and possibly more tournaments to enter! I cant wait, keep up the great work @aggroed & @yabapmatt . Upped and resteemed! 🙋👍👍👍

It would surely be much welcomed if a small portion of the sponsorship revenue could be used to bring back some booster pack rewards for quests, or as part of the season rewards. The reward series cards are nice, but many of us miss being able to consistently build our main decks, and the guaranteed "rare" or higher cards which accompany the opening of booster packs. This could be a SMALL number of packs, but I think this would alleviate some of the angst many have felt when the full switch was made to the quest reward cards.

the best recruiters

You guys are actually the best! Actions speak louder than words, you are sticking to your plans and excelling! Thanks for all the hard work.

Especially the sponsored battlefields and seasons look nice in the mockup :)

This article is very encouraging !!! RESTEEM