Steem Monsters Art Contest Video Compilation // Steemian Appreciation 5 Booster Pack Giveaway!

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Steem Monsters Art Contest Week 4 Video Compilation

Another great week of fantastic Steem Monsters Art from talented Steemians!

We picked our top 10 favorite submissions for this compilation video.

Huge thanks to the following artists for their hard work and excellent contributions:

@bronkong, @gvand, @eliu, @oscurity, @marinaart, @robertrz, @justnyz, @crittercrats, @marzukie, @kenn24

Steemian Appreciation 5 Booster Pack Giveaway!

In order to have a chance at winning 1 Booster Pack, you must watch this video!

At some point in this amazing video, we shall declare that we will be opening the Super Happy Fun Time Power Pack of Joy.

In order to win a pack, you must list just ONE of the cards in that particular pack.

Do not list all 5

If you list all 5 then my cat will become very angry......and you also won't win.

Just list one card. If someone else in the comments already listed that card, then list another card.

Whoever lists the correct cards first shall win.
There will be 5 winners who will each receive 1 Booster Pack!

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Thank You for your continued support!

@isaria and the @steemmonsters team

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Besides the competition, the art was gorgeous. For me it has to be the clay monster as the drawing had so much emotion in it. I actually felt sorry for the character that had been drawn. Really enjoying watching this all come together.

Great show. Love the artists!!!!

Giant Roc!

haunted spider


Ooooooooooooh thanks!!! Just got my pack. Love you guys :-)

Silvershield Warrior, I just bought a starter pack today :D and am looking to open some booster packs tonight.

Edit: you don't get to open starter packs :(


Ooooh, just thought that something cool should happen when someone sends you a pack so you can know who it's from :) and possibly encourage gifting.


It does, but it's really janky


Maybe a notification from gina bot :D


Thanks for sending out the extra cards :-)

Appreciate it!

fire beetle, Was super fun to joint the artcontest, and i'll try to make an entry for this week.

haunted spirit :)

This channel is super fun: D excellent team

Haunted Spider :) @hashcash already said.
Giant Roc


You guys are awesome!!! Thank you!!! Got a legendary!!!!


@steemmonsters.nice post brother.i liked it

Giant Rock

haunted spider
good contest love to take part thanks

Great art. It touches my heart. It has a nice attraction. Thanks for sharing.

wow great competition great art work and great pictures mind blowing

All amazing work.. I will be waiting for the next contest to participate..

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