Steem Monsters Adds Steem Account Creation!

Steem Monsters Adds Steem Account Creation!

So, @yabapmatt and I (@aggroed) are both witnesses on the Steem blockchain. This means we are elected officials who help build the blockchain. That's the bare minimum of what the server does, but as people we try to bring more value to the platform. This is partially because this is how we become and remain top witnesses, but it starts with the desire to see Steem spread like wildfire.

Peace Abundance and Liberty

My goals are pretty simple on the platform. To spread the values of Peace, Abundance, and Liberty. We're working on that through the in game story. We're going to make things not peaceful, and try to figure out how we can come to a reasonable accord with groups with which we are in competition or have historicly bad relationships. We'll explore events that promote and deter individual liberty or prosperity. We'll do similar things for the groups of people.

Grow the Steem Ecosystem

One of the biggest issues for Steem-based sites that want to attract users outside of the existing Steem community is that Steem accounts cost money to create. This leaves three options:

  1. Have Steemit, Inc pay for the account using their signup process (we won't go into the issues with that in this post);
  2. Have site owners pay for the accounts (in which case you need to have a lot of SP for delegation and prevent abuse of the signup process which is extremely difficult);
  3. Have users pay to create their own accounts (this is really a non-option for the vast majority of sites);

Steem Monsters is in a unique position to bypass this issue because people already have to pay (and are willing to pay) to purchase a starter pack and participate. That means we can use a portion of that payment to also create a Steem account for those who need it. So, as of today, we are proud to announce that new users can create a Steem account included with their starter pack purchase!

We can now spread the chain while spreading the game!

Here's what that looks like:

Note that the price is lower because this was recorded on a test environment, and the password on that account was changed, so don't try to steal the 3 SP!

Train and Retain Members on the Platform

We're not quite here yet, but when this game is functioning it will serve to keep folks engaged with Steem. Maybe they don't have any passion as a writer, but maybe they have passion as a gamer. Maybe we'll rope them into being active on the blockchain since they are already here playing, trading, and creating lore for Steem Monsters.

The Same Moon

We're all going to the same moon. Hopefully you can see how this project is going to help this entire community get there. Please consider supporting our efforts with some upvotes, resteems, and if you haven't dipped your toe into the water yet please consider buying a pack.

Oh and lastly, if you think we're doing good things for the platform please vote for our witnesses.

Aggroed and Yabapmatt


As usual, super excited here. But I have a couple questions:

Quick question. With the external steem signup through SM, is there a time frame delay for verification as there is through signup on the blockchain proper? Also, what about spammers. Doesn't this just make it easier for anyone to go in and create a new account? Or is it the same vetting process? What happens if a user purchases their cards, but is then denied an account on Steemit?

It’s all good buddy.

It’s instant.
Spammers take advantage of a faucet. This isn’t a faucet because they pay.
It’s easy. That’s the point!
No vetting. Just $.
Account name checks happen first.

Congratulations sir... thank you so much my dear sir.. upvote done sir...

Maybe they don't have any passion as a writer, but maybe they have passion as a gamer.

A very nice feature to get individuals on board to Steem. Not everyone are writers or DTubers on here, and @steemmonsters is absolutely needed to attract a different market group. You both are doing an absolutely amazing job with the rollout of the game, and now, with ease of account creation.

Do you think writers should separate into their own niche?

Hi @lifestonetrading. I wouldn't say separating writers, per se, but isn't that what we are already doing on here with the different communities? Everyone is in one community or another, which is as comparable to being in their "own niche". There are community support for writers, homesteaders, video content creators, developers...the list goes on.

I am a fan of steemmonsters because an opportunity is now given to the non-content creators. People can play and earn. The current rewards system is not user-friendly to the average user. A "blogger" have to rely on visibility, networking, and their content to be deemed "of quality" by another user in order to be successful on this platform. Steemmonsters is changing the rules on that, which I feel will result in user engagement, investment into STEEM, and ultimately, user retention.

I understand what you are saying, but I would prefer Steemit to specialize in their field. It needs to decide what niche community it wants to cater to. Being spread out all over the place is a bad idea in my opinion.

With Smart Media Tokens this might change, but what is the difference between this and crypto kitties? Too many cryptos are trying to wear too many hats in order to ramp up adoption.

I want 10 cryptos that are specialized in their craft instead of 100 cryptos that all look the same.

Great job!! I tried my hand at a few steem projects but lost steam on them, as they became a lot of work. LOL

I hope to try to keep building smaller things, for now. You are inspiring to me.

Every time I look, there's something new happening with steem monsters. I really like this new feature, this really opens up the game to non-steemit people. Who knows, they may start posting, or moving their Bitcoin horde into card packs. All sorts of wonderful! Keep up the good work! @ironshield

Just bumped into the project thanks to trials by comics. Very interesting. I'll most likely get involved soon. I'm looking to build a steemit interface myself for reading comics. Still got to learn the coding for the app. Guess you already knew that yourself...

Also new users of Steemit need to pay? I didn't... I'm surprised...

Great ideas!

"That means we can use a portion of that payment to also create a Steem account for those who need it."

Do you mean Steemit-account?

Sorta. Steem is a block chain. Steemit is a software company specializing in block chains.

This is exactly what was needed. This is a huge step forward for Steem Monsters and for the Steem blockchain as a whole. Thank you very much for this!

Seriously. This is awesome!

I would suggest some kind of "Fight Club" warning when people sign up for a Steemit account this way. You know- "First rule of Steemit is NEVER LOSE YOUR PASSWORD..." That way at least ya said something. Maybe it will stop a whole influx of new users from getting locked out.

Woohoo! Again- this is awesome!

Indeed it is, indeed...

We have 3 separate check boxes that you must check off in order to start the transaction:

  • I confirm that I have copied the password above to a safe and secure location.
  • I understand that if I lose this password I will lose access to this Steem account and any funds it contains.
  • I understand that Steem Monsters cannot recover this password for me.

I agree that the fight club wording would be more entertaining though :-)

What about the time frame for new users? Is the sign up process essentially the same, it's just done through SM? So like it could take a couple weeks? But they still have their cards in real time?


That's perfect. I couldn't see it in the gif cause it was so fast.

Should have known you'd have thought of it. 😎

Thanks for all your hard work!

yes @carreallien i am agreee with you atleast for password side they take any action and if u knowregarding this one please tell me

"We're all going to the same moon." For me this is the sentence of the month, that was especially hard on crypto markets.

This new update shows us once again, that this developers (@yabapmatt and @aggroed) are worried about making money, of course; But most importantly they care about the community and they are doing so much for it to grow it...

Now I can tell my friends to try STEEM without having to face dumb questions, just introduce them to the game and they will be submerged on this incredible world!

We aren't taking any money out of STEEM (except to pay expenses) so if we want to make money then STEEM has to go up. We're all in this together...there's a lot of money on the moon!

Exactly, we will all make good money if we succeed, the secret is to reach the moon.

I think the user experience should be as seamless as possible for users

Photo beautiful .. Well done on the words
Great post from you
Thanks for sharing..

Wow, this is Epic or should I say Legendary, haha..... Everyday I get more and more excited and buy more and more packs...... @steemmonsters all of you are AWESOME.......

This is an awesome idea, and I hope you are successful in expanding the Steem blockchain. Have you considered an in-game currency? I'm thinking an SMT on which in-game banking is based could also go a long way to improving the game, making it more interesting, and increasing the value for all stakeholders.

It's possible that something like this is already on the roadmap ;-)

Mega crypto topolis has a similar system where ether is used like property

This is honestly a really great feature.

You keep making good things happen with steemmonsters.

Keep it going !

Great idea!! Out of the box is what we need!!
Keep up the great work!!

If people aren't already voting for @aggroed or @yabapmatt as witnesses. What are you waiting for.

Great job guys!

Get your vote on!

Can this card please be added to Steem Monsters? lol

And now I really want to get back into magic. I'm so broke though!

As a matter of fact, I think I saw them add that to the deck just yesterday! It's called the "trump" card. bwa ha ha ha.

This is so awesome! I can't wait to see what else Steem monsters comes out with!


Resteemed for the growth and success of Steem Blockchain, Steem Monsters and to All!

Thank you @gentlebot!

This is dope, guys!!! Very awesome to see you making the moves to full accessibility. This is exactly the kind of thing we need, keep up the good work

And because of your great project, we are indeed headed to the Moon! Thanks sir Aggroed and Yabapmatt for the efforts...let's bring more people to the Steem blockchain via steemmonsters!

Firstly, I love how the development of steemmonsters is moving ahead, this is a huge step! How many unique daily users does steemmonsters have at the moment? It would not be hard to overtake the most famous blockchain game, since I recently read that cryptokitties has only 300-400 daily users!

But if the starter pack costs 5$ when logged in with an existing Steemit account and 10$ including a "free" Steem account, the account is not actually "free" but costs 5$ and is therefore priced similar to AnonSteem and Blocktrades.. Or is the different pricing not on purpose?
Are you planning to offer any option for account recovery in the future?

They put 3sp into the account. Which also helps with bandwidth.
3sp at today's price is not worth $5usd but at yesterday's price it kind of was. haha

very good information keep it up stay blessed

The same moon - I love that. So much said in so few words.


@steemmonsters nice work.. will work together and grow..

I think you did fantastic job on this project and I hope to be part of it too :) Going to open account now.

Nice post about gaming

Currently new account created are paid 0.5 STEEM. It seem we can lower it down to 0.1 STEEM if we higher a bit the delegation amount. Changing this would save lot of STEEM.

hello, Oh and lastly, if you think we're doing good things for the platform please vote for our witnesss

This is great! I've began a community with some friends recently called @aliento. We help the Spanish community and one of the goals is to attract new people to Steemit. I think that this is a great way to do it, you are providing great value. I guess you have plans to translate to Spanish. How could I help?

I really want to play this game but first I should buy steemmonsters pack.

Great post you guys. Keep innovating the future. Looking forward to having you all featured in an upcoming episode of The Steeming Pile.

I think its a great one much needed since many time, however someone is the first one, so good luck with that. But isn't it gamecredits is in the similar kind of the way i liked your 1st option that steemit to pay for the every successfull signups, it will attract the wanting people to join the crew and also this great concept can emerge as thunder....cheers:)

Yeah, that's great news. It will be great for the community to continue to grow! GREETINGS

Awesome! Can't wait to see both platforms grow.

Great idea you guys and bravo on implementing it.

@steemmonsters... will be there any fight games..

I looked up the word "beautiful" in the thesaurus today, and your name was included.

This is great @steemmonsters , you had to come out with this . Well done team. Keep it up and improving in coming period . Hope for your success.

Waao day by day hour by hour steem is growing fast.. I can gurantee thses steps will make steem a perfect social media that is corruption free and completely decentralised in nature... steem monster account creation feature will make steem more accessible for new users...keep this good work great guys...thanks you ..images.jpg

you are absolutely right @bibekchandra.. we are completely decentralise and corruption free..thanks for your comment

Hy bro how are you bro how increase power up??

Awesome news one of the best developments yet. Well I say that but I haven't seen how it works yet and how much it will cost for newbies to join. But hey I have created accounts for friends before with anonsteem maybe I should just create them here instead if it has an advantage. Then they'll have a starter pack with it?

I like how you had to say 'don't try to steal the 3 sp' because you know there's a whole bunch that'll screencapture to try.

Heh yea...maybe I should have just left the password as-is as a bonus for someone who actually read the post and watched the animation!

I've been working on a side RTS for a while in unity that I hope ends up as a blockchain project. It has a lot of civ 5 inspiration. Keep up the good work!

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This is a great step by Steem Monsters.

This is insane, in a great way! To the moon!!

This is a HUGE step forward! Great work team!

Steem should reach to very high value we should all integrate with this objective

This is an excellent addition to steem monsters and a great incentive to buy in!

Very good feature that is exactly what Steems need a good use case combined with easy onboarding, its just great!!!

As usual great work :D

Some great work going on

Great work .good job god bless you. pls support

Excellent news! Definately Steem Monsters has made me more engaged and even make some vague attempts of fan art. I really do enjoy the process and can't wait to actually play the game. I really do wish SM well!

good one

@steemmonsters this is a very good, and asome, really what was needed, I think hudge step forward for the steem monster 👾, I tell,, my friends to try STEEM without having to face dumb questions, what do you think Sir???? Vote, comments your

Way cool. This is probably my favorite part of Steem Monsters as I get more into it. Just the way it's going to help Steem as a whole rather than just being a game. Keep up the good work!

you are sharing good post for is very useful info.

The name itself suggest that this is biggest platform in the world and i am sure it will grow with time, and Steemit as a community will help the world to become a better place to live in , what do u think ?????

This is so wonderful and much needed! Thank you! I’ll be voting!

why do work adds site

I really want to Steemmonsters to succeed and to attract thousands outside of Steemit. I just did a write up on you guys on our blog . Great work! Steemmosters comment this post thanks

Very good news, such a Speed!

The account creation aspect is HUGE! It looks simple as pie and it's a great idea to include the fee in the price of the starter pack.

How long will the presale be running?

really we need that , thanks for your information and initiative

@steemmonsters Thank you, my friend, your blog is such an awesome and please support me and upvote me if you like my comment

This is precisely what was required. This is a tremendous advance forward for Steem Monsters and for the Steem blockchain overall. Much thanks for this!

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@steemmonters Awesome stuff mate...STEEM will be on moon soon.

thanku steemmonster its a vey good for as as is gave us steem power through the game can u tell whats the exact procedure for joining this?

¡Qué felicidad, otro paso mas!

That looks awesome I can't wait!!!

That looks awesome I can't wait!!!

That looks awesome I can't wait!!!

That looks awesome I can't wait!!!

That looks awesome I can't wait!!!

That looks awesome I can't wait!!!

Now, this is a good idea! Brilliant, in fact!!!

This is all very promising. Soon it will be SteemMonsters featuring steemit.

I know it will happen

This is exactly what was needed. This is a huge step forward for Steem Monsters and for the Steem blockchain as a whole. Thank you very much for this!

Great idea to use Steem Monsters as entry point to Steemit! The decision to create an account is quite easy with such a funny and addictive card game on the blockchain because Steemit is more than just blogging!

@steemmonsters Hey please help me to join me your community my friend please follow like comment share I hope you like my content plz support me brother.

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steem should block bots to give fair chance real users

This is good news! With people starting to leave the platform because of low steem/sbd, this is something to look forward too! Maybe I should also try this one :)

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