Steem Monsters 1 Year Anniversary Post + Promotion!

It is amazing and humbling that Steem Monsters (a.k.a Splinterlands) is celebrating its one year anniversary! In that time the project has gone from a small side project by @aggroed and @yabapmatt into a business with four full-time employees and about 15 part time team members!

One of the coolest, and most important things that this game has enabled over the past year (in our opinion) is the card marketplace. Since the market was launched in July of 2018, over $802,000 USD worth of crypto has been spent purchasing cards from other players. To make sure that's clear, all of that money didn't go to the company but instead went directly to all of you - the players. That's something that's nearly unheard of in traditional games.

In fact, the amount of money currently being spent on the card market every day (and now also on the DEC markets) significantly exceeds the amount that the company itself makes from pack sales. But we are not only ok with that, we're excited about it, because ultimately we feel that the more value our players get out of the game, the more we, the creators, will get as well when it's all said and done.

The point is that, unlike traditional games where all of the value flows from the players to the company, with the decentralized model everyone can share in the value creation together. We are incredibly excited to continue to share in the success of the game with all of you for many more years to come!

We're having a blast. We hope you are too!

Get FREE Essence Orbs with Booster Pack Purchases!

To celebrate our anniversary, and the recent launch of the Dark Energy Crystals in-game currency token, we are giving out FREE Essence Orbs with every purchase of 10 or more Beta edition booster packs!

  • For purchases of 10 or more Beta edition booster packs you will receive free Essence Orbs equal to 10% of the purchased quantity of booster packs!

  • For purchases of 100 or more booster packs you will receive free Essence Orbs equal to 15% of the purchased quantity of booster packs, plus the standard 10% extra booster pack bonus!

  • For purchases of 500 booster packs you will receive free Essence Orbs equal to 20% of the purchased quantity of booster packs, plus the standard 15% extra booster pack bonus!

Please note that this is a limited time offer. The offer is only good until this announcement post pays out, so make sure to get your packs and free Essence Orbs before it's too late!

Gear Up for Another Great Year

The past year was awesome, but the next year is looking like it could be many times better. We have more resources available to us, more people actively working on the product, and we might even be heading into another bull market for cryptocurrencies. We have a fantastic roadmap of new features, improvements, and marketing to help grow this project by 10X or more, including:

  1. Localized versions of the website (Korean and Chinese versions should be ready very soon with many more to follow)
  2. A Guild System including asynchronous combat
  3. Integrations with various other blockchain platforms and communities
  4. iOS and Android Mobile Apps
  5. Items and Spells Expansion

Please keep in mind that while we try to stick to our published roadmaps as much as possible, they are never set in stone and may change.

For those of you who rush to sell your cards or your DEC as soon as you get them, we fully support your decision to do that, but keep in mind that our team will be working hard day in and day out to make you regret it!

Thank You to our Players and our Team!

Of course, none of this would be possible without our amazing community of players, and our fantastic team. We want to specifically thank our team members who have all played a crucial role in getting the game to this stage, and who will be instrumental in taking us to the next level!

So, in alphabetical order, we want to give a big THANK YOU to:


Blast From the Past

We want to remind of our humble origins with some screenshots of how the game used to look so you can feel some nostalgia if you were around back then, or maybe you'll just laugh at @yabapmatt's programmer design skills.

None of this is possible without the Mavs!

You guys are insane, frustrating, dedicated, passionate, creative, inspiring, and awesome. We work every day to make sure you're having a blast and watching your stake increase in value over time! Thanks for sticking by us this first year, here's to many more, and may your Dark Energy Crystal wallet overflow with magic!


zomg 1 year already? thats sick

Even though it’s not the best gameplay that I’ve seen so far, the economy of this game is something I didn’t hear anywhere else on all the BlockChains our there.
So for that, you’ve my full respect, support and participation.

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For those of you who rush to sell your cards or your DEC as soon as you get them, we fully support your decision to do that, but keep in mind that our team will be working hard day in and day out to make you regret it!

I absolutely love the above line.

I also like the anniversary marketing, very clever !

Go Splinterlands Go! I love this game and the community!
aasplinterlands (640px, 15fps).gif

I am losing more and more faith in the game truthfully. And a lot has to do with the "special" status the Mavs get. What good is the game if it is only 100 people being catered to?(along with them being the only ones playing. My son gained interest again....then lost it after realizing how near impossible it would be to grow his deck. In his words " I'll be like 20 before i have a good cards." I am still playing but I don't know how much longer. Every time they release more new cards, it's another 100s of dollar (if you invest) if you want to have a chance even playing(let alone winning)novice level tournaments. And this is the only real way to build a deck, as daily rewards are a joke any more. I do truly wish for the game to succeed, but i am losing hope.

This is just how any monetary-based system works, and it's also a big part of what differentiates Splinterlands from a traditional game. We cannot both allow the cards to be transferable / sellable and give them away for free. That would be exploited in short order and kill the game as we have seen with a number of other blockchain-based games that don't get this concept.

So yes, any game with transferable / real-valued assets will necessarily be a money game. Do people complain that every time magic the gathering releases a new set of cards you need to spend a bunch of money to purchase them to remain competitive?

We realize this type of game is not for everyone, and that's fine! There are thousands of great games available where you can progress without spending much money, and many of them are much better than Splinterlands right now. But of course they are strictly games and don't offer the financial / collectible elements that blockchain-based or physical games do.

I look at Splinterlands (as well as most blockchain based games) as a combination of an investment vehicle and a game. You can invest in Bitcoin, for example, and you just watch the price and see if it goes up. Similarly you can invest in Splinterlands cards, but you can also have fun with that investment, and earn a return on it by winning more cards/DEC/etc through playing.

But you cannot earn a return on your investment if you haven't made an investment. And obviously the larger your investment, the higher the return you can earn will be.

Regarding your son, here's how i think about this with my son which i think is really cool (and please do not take this as financial advice). I try to save up money for my son (for college or whatever) but i also want to spend money to play games. What's so cool about these types of games is that they can potentially allow me to do both together. I have no idea how this will work out, and i certainly don't put all my money into this, but when i buy assets in a blockchain-based game i look at it as both an investment into my future and spending money in a game.

This is something that generally did not exist before, and is really exciting to me.

The comment was a fly off the handle reaction that I made earlier. I am 90% ecstatic and 10% a little annoyed at the time of the comment. I deleted the comment, not due to the reaction to anyone else but after thinking it out and talking with some people about it. I hope your son keeps playing because I actually think he is on the ground floor of something that could be great.

How exactly did we mavericks profit? We actually just lost our maverick voting bonus which was around 2$ per day ;)

edit:// me aka one of the maverick moth... is gonna flag this to 1cent - no idea why your accusations should earn you money :)

@theaustrianguy, please... everyone can read what is posted in the mav's house

Click to enlarge

If Matt says so himself, I don't think it is worth the energy to deny it...

Really all players / card holders benefited greatly from this update, but obviously the mavericks (who are just the players who have spent the most and therefore have the most cards) benefited the most.

This is no different than when something good happens for benefits everyone who has some, but obviously it benefits the whales the most.

The new crystals have made it incredibly valuable to have the cards due to the linking of the bot vote and the linking of the new cards coming out. This was a brilliant idea and I am beyond pleased and thankful. As for the mavs I hope they all become millionaires because of this, because I am holding more cards than some of them that sold out or lost interest. The only thing I was complaining about were the few that jobbed the system pretty good at one point. I also mentioned something that some people were acting in front of information, but in hindsight I was looking WAY too far into it and giving them way too much credit for either being that stupid or being that incredibly smart in something I looked into that was splitting hairs anyway. I saw a comment above along the lines of --there is nothing else like this economy dynamic on any blockchain-- and I couldn't agree more this is a breakthrough in every sense of the word in blockchain game theory without question.

By putting cards up for sale before this was announced. Also you profited in getting a $2/day upvote for spending a total of $1k on packs, which was a nice perk but a whole lot of the people got a major chunk of their money back they ever spent in upvotes throughout that period, which is fine. But the mavs also had a $1000 worth in cards and packs as well to go with that, of which many of them sold and crashed the market, which is also fine it's their asset they can do what they want. I am saying some profited in knowing a whole lot before things came out in the early going, then that backed off. Ask the guys that put gold legends up for sale last night at like a 30-40% discounts on the DEC backed value alone on the cards they listed? Maybe you didn't know but these guys are perpetual inside dealers giving anyone a bad name to the maverick crowd that bring good intentions and want a straight-up game as far as information is goes in the game.

And now that cards are on the rise there is a gigantic orb giveaway to the people that go out and buy packs again. Great, I realize money needs to be raised to keep it ongoing and think there definitely should be money raised it's a hell of a game and the developers and stakeholders need to be rewarded. But the second card values jump, I am sorry within a week after cards jump. Us suckers who didn't know this promo was coming were left holding the bag trading our golds right away for orbs when the big girls and boys get bailed in again with a promo that is on the way the second card pops get hammered.

You're right. The implying profanity and lumping all in one group with the outliers was not called for and is untrue. But the rest of it I stand by. Thanks for pointing that out, best of luck in the game.

What a strange site-wide announcement, displacing the top feed spot of every Steemit user - even those with spammy accounts like @steemmnsters on mute!

This really needs the immediate attention of the community so badly?

I feel as though the site leadership should lead by example. Paid spam displacing every member's chosen content is wrong on so many levels.

Does crap like that make new (or potential) users feel comfortable becoming part of Steemit? Is that how we find and retain quality?

Who is making these stupid decisions?

Very nice game, but in my opinion is too hard to get new cards without bying them. I will try my best anyway :D

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Absolutely loving all the new features.. a question though.. I thought Orbs were valued around $ 2,50, and beta packs $ 2 ? If you receive an Orb worth 10% of your purchase, you would not receive one until you spend $ 25 .. but maybe I'm totally wrong, please enlighten me? :)

I presume they mean 10% in terms of quantity, so 10 packs gives 1 orb, 30 packs 3 etc

That's what I first thought, but then I doubted that. But I asked, so we'll see :) Hopefully you're right ..

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Hey there!

@pandapuzzles is correct. 😍 It's % in terms of quantity.

Happy Anniversary steemmonsters

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Amazing.. Congrats

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Kudos and congratulation to SM :D

Has it really already been one year ?
The time flyies past now that we have battles :D



It's awesome to have been able to watch this grow! I can't wait to see what happens when it really takes off, and the model is duplicated by more an more game designers!

A truly awesome sight seeing the game develop like this. AWESOME WORK guys and I cannot stress that enough!

I love it how great the game turned out. Proud of you all. :)

Wow, happy birthday! You guys have made the definitive blockchain game! There is currently nothing else that comes even closer!

Awesome and amazing game!


So for that anniversary event I did the Russian translation
(fragments - so lets the players come also to this post
to see details - like the screenshots )

here it is!)

Game has progressed incredibly well but the ranking system and matchmaking is still kind of a mess.

Can we still find Legendary Cards as Reward Cards after completing a daily quest, or when the season is over. Without using potion?

Hoi @Nederlander,

Ik z dat je Steemmonsters speelt. Als je nog op zoek bent naar een Guild, dan ben je meer dan welkom bij die van ons. Surfingnomads
Wij zijn meerdere Nederlanders die proberen te groeien in het spel.

Laat even weten of je interesse hebt.

If anyone wants to participate in a pool to get the 500 packs + 75 packs + 100 orbs deal, react here!

Costs will be shared and the obtained packs/orbs will be split according to your contribution.

I may be interested, will check in later if it's still possible.. But I read: 10% worth in Orbs.. Beta boosters are 2 dollar, right? I thought Orbs are around 2,50? So that would mean you won't get an Orb for every 20 dollar you spend but for every 25 dollar you spend? Maybe I'm wrong though..

500+ packs gives 20% of the amount of bought boosterpacks extra as orbs, so buy 500 packs, get 575 packs + 100 orbs.

Yeah maybe I misunderstood, I read: 10% of the amount (in value of the booster packs) but they probably mean amount of packs :)

Hi, I might be interested in joining your pool when do you plan to purchase the Packs?

Currently in a slight lack of participants, but I'm also not really actively chasing on it. For the 575 packs + 100 orbs thingy, we'd need to assemble $950..

As to when, it's basically just when we got enough funds to make it. If we don't, which I suspect, then buy on your own if you still want to get in on the orb promotion :P

iOS and Android Mobile Apps --- very nice

I've been with SM from the beginning and it just keep getting better. Thank you ALL for giving me so much fun,

You guys need to organize an online party. It's also good to attract more users to your telegram community. Happy birthday!

Hi, @steemmonsters!

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i just love this game

Right on, but how about a couple of airdropped "essence orbs" packs for players who have players every season of the first year? Perhaps one pack per season? I don't think that's an outlandish request for those of us who are participated and promoted the game for the first year, while it was getting up and running. Just an idea, but it's good diplomacy...

It’s amazing how cryptogame can beat mobile app games and it much more interesting to play

Twice I purchased the 100 Packs Promo day before yesterday, in order to get the free essence Orbs (the message was there to have free Orbs on the Buying Page) only to find no Orbs :( anyhow happy that Steemonsters/Splinterland is doing a great job, Hats off to all the Team members who created such an awesome game and a wonderful opportunity to Earn, either.

Please contact me on Discord.

Happy anniversary.

Congratulations you guys!!! 🎉🍾🎊🎈

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to another great year

To tmr issa Tara korar jonno oo

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great work guys... looking forward to what you´re about to come up with next! It was a very exciting last year with you guys and your promotions.

Keep it up


I'm not very addicted to video games, but I think it's great that this one has a year online and that it guarantees a payment to its players. I'm from Venezuela and here is a bit complicated as they ban the accounts and one is left in the air with nothing like the house of other games.

If I register and download the application that I guarantee, I would not have to cancel the account? and the odds of payment?

Happy birthday steem monster...

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I am all about Gold Legendary's although I don't Own Any...........


I loooooooveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee steemmmmmmmonsterssss

i want to play it all dayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy abnd night alonggggggg


You've got DRAMA. You are going to be a Whale!

To view or trade DRAMA go to

I am very pleased that for most of this year I enjoyed all the possibilities that this wonderful dramatic game gave me.

That's the first trading card game I've spent money on! I'm quite happy with it so far and it's not completely pay to win yet. Please, leave it this way.

🙋 This is fantastic @steemmonsters !! Cheers to many more years to come which im sure will be full of surprises from @yabapmatt and @aggroed ! YOU GUYS ROCK!
🙋👹❤ I created this giphy for @coruscate contest ! upped and resteemed

You have DRAMA!

To view or trade DRAMA go to

Dear friend , This can be a good example of conventional games. The acceptance of the blockchain community will indicate the results. I also look good but I do not know when I will be. Thanks

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