Splinterlands Legends with @clove71!

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Hello everyone! I'm back with your favorite series! Splinterlands Legends! Today the spotlight is on the magnificent @wombykus and I'd like to personally thank him for taking out the time to do such an awesome interview for us all! He has been battling since June 2018 and has an excellent battling record! His longest winning streak was 103! Highest rank has been #1! With a total of 18,528 total battles and total wins 12,850 as of may 26,2019. He is quite the Legend here in Splinterlands! Such outstanding stats he has! I love his advice on battling: to stay calm and serene. I definitely can get worked up at times and extra hype which does not help, LOL! Thanks for such great advice. I will definitely be taking it. The Splinterlands community is such a great one, not only for how cool everyone is but it feels like a wonderful crypto family to me! A home away from home so to speak. You have an instant connection with other Splinterlands addicts such as myself, LOL! It is awesome to share that enthusiasm with others. Discord and Telegram make it easy to share that exact experience! I want to thank wombykus again for the interview and wish you all a great season ending!

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Questions asked:
1.) Tell us a little bit about yourself, where you're from and live and your background in gaming. Did you ever play Magic or Hearthstone?

I grew up in the Ruhrpott (Germany) in the 80s and started playing games since I owned an Amiga 500. Good old times with 100 of disks for one game! My favorite games were actually all from the Lucas Art's series, classics like the slasher Moonstone or also the Turricane series I loved and many others of course.
When I had a PC (DX2/66) I quickly became interested in strategy games like Command & Conquer and later Starcraft.
And then I sank into the depths of "ideasfromthedeep" fps games like Doom and later Quake. I played Quake 3 and Quake Live on semi-pro level.
I never played Magic or Heartofstone. Splinterlands is my first game in this format.

2.)Were you already on the STEEM blockchain or did you come here for Steem Monsters and how did you find out about Steem Monsters?

I joined the Steemit platform in early 2018. I came across Steem Mosters through the German community. They also gave me the information and strategies and played a big part in my success and that I am now bankrupt (joking). With this I would like to thank @oliverschmid and @rondras.

3.)What kind of advice can you give any Steem Monster player who wants to improve their game?

A key to success is to look at the replays of good players and understand why each card is at that position. The best way to play is to be calm and serene. That's why I often listen to music while playing.

4.) What is your favorite Splinterlands card or splinter to play?

Definitely Earth. The combination of fast monsters, healing and defense makes this splinter very strong. Especially with a Legendary Summoner :)

5.)When you are playing Splinterlands is there anyone you do not want to run into?

Actually everyone in the top 10. Recently more players have max cards and I have the feeling it gets harder and harder every season to stay in the top 10. Which makes the game more interesting!
But players like @vaansteam, @glory7, @bji1203, @imperfect-one @bubke @taug and many others always give me headaches.

6.) Do you play and multitask or listen to music? Have a favorite playlist when battling?

Mostly I listen to easy listening music when I play games. But it depends on my mood. Sometimes I listen to bands like Tool or Kyuss.

7.) What do you like most about Splinterlands/SM and what they think could be made better in the future?

The game is addictive and that speaks for itself.
What should be integrated in tournaments is an ELO format like in tennis. So that the best ones play against each other at the end and not the luckier one. The time to select your deck should be reduced to 40 - 60 seconds and the waiting time, until someone finds the battle button before each game, should also be set down to 2 minutes or even less.
What always annoyed me was the end time of each season. Because Europeans were disadvantaged when the season ends at 4:00am in the morning. But @yabapmatt has changed this problem now with a rotation of 6 hours according to discord.

Thank you for listening to the community.

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Very rightly said as the Splinterlands being addictive and it's tough to be in the top ten with such awesome players. Great interview! Thanks for your tips @wombykus :) though haven't played a single match with you so far. Look forward to seeing that happen:) Keep rocking @clove71


It is tough to be up there and he is such an amazing player! :-)