Splinterlands Art Contest Winners! // Week 42 // 15 Booster Pack Prize!

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Splinterlands Art Contest Winners! // Week 42

Another week of amazing Steem Monsters inspired art!

This week's prize structure is as follows:

First Place will receive 5 Booster Packs
Second Place will receive 4 Booster Packs
Third Place will receive 3 Booster Packs
Fourth Place will receive 2 Booster Packs
Fifth Place will receive 1 Booster Packs

First Place!

My Entry for Splinterlands Art Contest! // Week 42 // @lalocura

Second Place!

Splinterlands Art Contest! // Week 42 // Poisonous Demon Frog

Third Place!

STONESPLITTER ORC vs SILVERSHIELD PALADIN - My entry for steemmonsters art contest week 42

Fourth Place!

MY ENTRY for Steem Monsters Art Contest! Week 42 @mhossain

Fifth Place!

My entry to Splinterlands Art Contest! // Week 42 - Skeleton Asassin

Huge thanks to everyone who took the time to create and submit something!

Thank you for your continued support!

Steem Monsters Contact Info:

Steem Monsters / Splinterlands Blog

Steem Monsters / Splinterlands Website

Steem Monsters / Splinterlands Discord

Steem Monsters / Splinterlands Telegram

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@steemmonsters I asked this on your previous post with no reply, I was opening my rewards for gold 3 and accidentally clicked off the reward page and now I seem to have lost my rewards :(

Is there any way to get my rewards back? I opened some of them but not all :(


I guess that you got your cards annyway, but I'm not sure about it. If you don't get any help here, then I can recommend you to join us here in the SteemMonster Discord chat, I bet you will get good help there, by players and developers :)



Thanks for the invite to discord, I'm really not sure I did get my cards. I opened the first 12, clicked off the page by accident and then found no way to get back to the rewards, had a look through my deck but couldn't spot anything new.

Awesome, thanks!

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Thanks for contest and reward!

Thanks 😆

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!bookkeeping steemmonsters


Hi @xplosive!



  • 31.412 STEEM
  • 0.000 STEEM from Affiliate
  • 0.000 STEEM from tournament prizes
  • 3.641 vested STEEM
  • 0.404 SBD
  • 0.000 SBD from Affiliate


  • 37.083 STEEM
  • 0.000 STEEM for tournament entry fees
  • 0.266 SBD


  • -2.030 STEEM
  • 0.138 SBD

Wow i like this!

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Volveré a participar en el próximo concurso :D

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