The team is extremely happy, proud, and humbled to announce that the Beta Booster Series has SOLD OUT!!! It took us just over a year during a very challenging bear market, but they're all gone. Now we all wait with baited breath to see what happens in the next evolution of the game.

We're blessed with a fantastic community of dedicated players. They track the market, the strategies, rentals, development, and every word that our team shares. They create contest, share stories, stream battles, stream tournaments, and go into remarkable detail on stats and strats. It's an obvious statement to say this wouldn't have been possible without them, but it's an understatement none the less.

In short, thanks guys! And congratulations to you too. We're doing everything we can to maximize the value of these cards and further we pay special attention to ensure that we drive value to the players. If you do well so will we.

What now?

New players can still purchase or receive starter packs. Just because we don't have any packs doesn't mean they aren't out there for a bit still. Players can purchase betas on steem-engine from players who voluntarily choose to exchange them there. You can also find some good deals in the Splinterlands discord and the cards are available for sale from the players 24/7 on the market.

Even new players will have a chance to get in the game with betas for a while. They'll buy cards, but just not from us. They'll get them from you! So, even without new packs going out right this second we hope and plan to continue growing.

What's next?


Yep, we've been working on another series. It'll have 1.5M packs in the series and we hope it to last about another year. We're going to release it to the public with a Kickstarter campaign. We're finishing up the details but it should be ready soon.

UNTAMED will have a whole new array of monsters and summoners that wide-eyed, brand new, players and savage veterans alike can use to buy, trade, combine, rent, and earn with.

This edition will have a great twist though. There will be 15 airdrops throughout the sale of the cards. So, every 100,000 packs there will be a new airdrop where you'll have a chance at receiving those cards based on the number of packs you've purchased directly from us or our partner vendors (like So, you're going to want to get in early to make sure you get as many chances at cards as you can.

Should be fun! Please keep an eye out for the Kickstarter campaign. We're starting "soon." And we'll have some tournaments and announcements that go along with it.

  1. What about End of season rewards? Will they still be Beta packs?
  2. Will Untamed summoners be completely different than existing ones? For example - Fire summoner with ranged buff?
  1. The rewards for the current season will still be Beta packs, enough packs were reserved ahead of time to cover this. Future seasons will reward Untamed booster packs.
  2. Yes, all Untamed cards, including Summoners, will be completely different.

so from next season ,we are going to get untamed packs as a season rewards ??

@yabapmatt there are still packs awarded for season rewards? I literally had no idea. What league does that happen in, only once you hit the champion league or is it only for the top so many players? How does that work?


Holy crap, that’s insane, and awesome. $200 prize basically for coming in 1st. Damn.

Great work selling out Splinterlands! To celebrate I got 110 BETA packs, 21 Essence Orbs, 1 Legendary Potion & 1 Alchemy Potion And Began Opening Them Live!

@steemmonsters, Congratulations team. I am really excited for the Untamed Journey. Good wishes from my side for future steps and stay blessed team.

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That was faster than expected. Good job!

Wahoo impressive... Very cool game, you deserve this success.

Noooooo, I wasn't ready. In my Kevin Hart voice 🤣🤣🤣 Congratulations @steemmonsters you did it again. Onto the next💯

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Wow! Impressive!
I don't know how many people are aware of this, but the Beta Packs are already trading at $2.93 on Steem Engine.

greetings, grand @steemmonsters

excelet notice. Please, please, please, can you tell us when will be this "soon'???

thank you and have a good night

I feel like I bought half of them 😅

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Does current Maverick status and beta packs bought count towards airdrop rights? Or only Untamed purchases?

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!giphy wow

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// Supported by witness untersatz! //

Well fucking done, team! Guess you'll have even more bragging rights at steemfest 4 🔥🔥🔥

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I was thinking of a brand new splinter to be added in the game in the untamed series..

just my thougts lol

to slow. plan was to buy 100 packs more :(

And now we get hyped for untamed! 🦁

Uuaah! When SM app to android?😀

So cool! You're doing a great work there!!!
Splintersland is the most successful project on Steem, other dapps should follow you're example and create successful projects with a solid business model.

Congrats to @yabapmatt and @aggroed and the whole Steemmonster (or Splinterlands) team! You have done a great job and this is a major milestone! I'm thrilled to have been lucky enough to be an early adopter and steady throughout in this amazing game :)

Congrats Splinterlands Team, great success for the whole Blockchain Gaming Community.
Could you release some stats about the Beta Pack Sales? How many where giving out as Season Rewards and Promo Rewards? How many Beta Packs have been sold thru Crypto or USD purchases? And finally how do the Sales reflect the prizes for upcoming Tournaments...can we expect an increase in Tournament prizes?
Thanks for your awesome work!

Well, it looks that popularity if this game grows rapidly

I would like a Daily Quest for the Dragon Splinter, or the opportunity to complete quests with him.

I'm so excited!
So by buying UNTAMED packs we become eligible for air drops?

Wow! Lovely hats off to all the Team and players for making this happen. Excited about the untamed packs.

Hi, @steemmonsters!

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Just few minutes ago I'd liked to exchange some steem with DEC to buy a couple of beta packs..... Sooo looking forward the new series!!

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