Season 6 Top 10 Winners!

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Congrats to our Top 10 Winners from Season 6!
The winners will receive Ark Tokens as well as Beta Packs!!!

Top 10 Winners!

1.bji1203 = 500 ARK Tokens + 250 BETA Packs
2.imperfect-one = 250 ARK Tokens + 125 BETA Packs
3.toocurious = 100 ARK Tokens + 50 BETA Packs
4.vaansteam = 50 ARK Tokens + 25 BETA Packs
5.wombykus = 50 ARK Tokens + 25 BETA Packs
6.glory7 = 50 ARK Tokens + 25 BETA Packs
7.marabara = 50 ARK Tokens + 25 BETA Packs
8.fenrir78 = 50 ARK Tokens + 25 BETA Packs
9.clayboyn = 50 ARK Tokens + 25 BETA Packs
10.tradingideas = 50 ARK Tokens + 25 BETA Packs

Thank You for your continued support!

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Congrats to all the winners!

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Thankyou for the lesson. Best of luck in the rest of the tournament.


I just lost the next fight against @rentmoney :-)
Its all about the fun especially with Gold Foil Cards. I wish you all the best on your Monster Journey!


Yeah he's dangerous. I realised I need a couple more gold summoners. I only have Lyanna, which makes it real easy to guess what I'm going to play :)



028 - Nymph (777px, 10fps).gif


The prettiest thing I've seen today.

i bought a pack and he is not avaiable on Open tab.
What happened?

Congrats to all in top 10, been a pleasure to fight against you, see you all in the new season

What are ARK tokens? Sorry if I'm out of the loop

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I’m wondering the same thing.


They offered additional prizes for the top 10 winners of the previous season.
In return, they received the advertising among the SM players (currently on the Last Season tab, I think it was on the Leaderboard during the season).

congrats all idk how you did it I maxed out my deck and still only can hit about 125 lol good win all

Thank you. How can I get ARK tokens?

Can someone help me out with resource credits? i can't do anything because i am all out! :-(

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HUGE Congratzzzz to all the Season 6 Top 10 Winners and all Steemmonster players!!!! See you on the battlefield! ;)

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