Redeem Your SeedGerminator Campaign Reward Tokens Now!

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The TRON tokens representing the rewards from contributions to the Splinterlands SeedGerminator campaign are finally able to be redeemed in the game!

If you already have an account, you can click on your account name on the top right and choose the "Redeem TRON Tokens" option to redeem your Beta pack and Promo card tokens.

If you do not have an account, or have an account that has not yet purchased a starter set, you can go to the "SHOP" page and there will be a new button to "Redeem TRON Token" to purchase the starter set and create your account.

Beta Pack Tokens

These are pretty straight-forward. If you redeem them then you will receive the corresponding amount of Beta edition booster packs in the game. You can open them or transfer them from the "OPEN" menu option.

Additionally, Beta packs are now able to be transferred from the game to the TRON tokens so that they may be traded on Tron exchanges. Beta packs are currently listed on the Tron Watch Market Exchange.

Promo Card Tokens

When these are redeemed the cards will be randomly determined based on the existing algorithm using unpredictable blockchain data and will be shown to you to "flip" and reveal.

Since many contributors have received thousands of reward cards, they will be revealed in groups, meaning that if you receive 100 Delwyn Dragonscale cards, you will just flip over 1 card which will show a quantity of 100.

You also always have the option to hold on to the tokens and not redeem them in the game for the cards. If the game continues to grow and the cards become relatively more scarce and harder to obtain, often times the "unopened" token can be more valuable than the cards it will ultimately reveal.

The Promo card tokens can also currently be traded on the Tron Watch Market Exchange.

Max Set Tokens

The three max set tokens given out to the highest SEED contributors to the campaign will be handled manually and are not available to be redeemed through the user interface. If you are the lucky recipient of one of these tokens please contact @yabapmatt on Discord and we'll get you your rewards!

Long Term Thinking

The redemption of the TRON reward tokens will likely create a significant influx of cards into the game over a very short period of time. We fully expect this to put short-term downward pressure on market prices but for those of you who are able to take a longer term perspective, it should hopefully just be a blip on the long term chart.

Even though there was far more SEED contributed to the campaign than we expected, which led to more reward cards being created, in the scheme of things it is still a relatively small amount, especially if you believe we can grow the game significantly in the future.

To put it into perspective, the approximate amount of max level SG Promo cards that will ever exist based on the amount generated from the campaign are as follows:

  • Delwyn Dragonscale - 600
  • Dragonling Bowman - 700
  • Fiendish Harpy - 350
  • Red Dragon - 293
  • Delwyn Dragonscale (GOLD) - 163
  • Dragonling Bowman (GOLD) - 75
  • Fiendish Harpy (GOLD) - 33
  • Red Dragon (GOLD) - 16

These numbers also do not include the large number of these cards that are likely to be burned for DEC, which will make the actual number of max level versions of the cards much smaller when it's all said and done.

Thank you for your continued support!

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I’m looking forward to receiving my Beta packs and bonus cards. I’m not surprised that there was more Seed used. Seed was a better deal for the exciting new cards.

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Thank you team @steemmonsters and team seed! It was a long wait but I am happy to receive the cards! Here is What I got from my 260 seed tokens!

Now all I have to do is make good decks out of these cards! :)

Go @steemmonsters!


man, what is this tokens? how can i win this?


These are seed aka TRON tokens. The campeign has ended But you can now earn DEC and buy orbs to get promo cards.

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thank you a lot for help me

That's Wonderful!

About "Long Term Thinking" - or "Redeem Now or Later - Much Later❓"

Is there an expiration date on these tokens?

Can I redeem them one or a few at a time?

What are the disadvantages of waiting to long to redeem these tokens, if any?

I have Beta Tokens for over 500 Beta Packs -

If I do not redeem 500 Beta Packs or more, will I be a Maverick?

Or, do I have to redeem 500 or more packs all at once?


There is no expiration date on the tokens and you can redeem as little or as many as you want at a time. I believe we are going to be reworking the qualifications for being a maverick, although that is up to Aggroed, but in either case if you have 500+ beta packs you should have enough to qualify.


So, I'll need to redeem 500+ Beta packs and not to wait to redeem the tokens to be a Maverick?

Beta packs are now able to be transferred from the game to the TRON tokens so that they may be traded on Tron exchanges.

So, I can redeem 500+ Beta Packs, become a maverick, and then transferred them from the game to the TRON tokens so that they may be traded on Tron exchanges?


No you do not need to redeem the tokens at this time.

5 mana is very high for the new summoner I think

That all just went over my head. So many tokens...

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If you're going to burn your Seed promos, send them to @ottermaker instead to get 101% of the DEC value automatically in your Steem-Engine wallet. Ottermaker pays 101% DEC value for all non-max cards except alpha and beta golds.

Keep up the good work Splinterlands-team

Best of luck with the promo cards everyone! My you reveal many LEGENDARIES!

I am super excited about this! The luck was with me: I got one of the gold foil Red Dragons and the first on the market! Thanks Splinterlands-team!


please, how can i win this tokens:?

Hi, @steemmonsters!

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Guess I need to take out my wallet to buy some new cards and keep my Collection up to date!

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Can I get DEC by delegating to steemmonsters?

This is excellent news. Amazing work by a talented development team!! Congrats to all the card holders that participated on the SEEDGerminator campaign.