Legendary Gold Foil Giveaway to Celebrate 100,000 Packs Sold!

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Legendary Gold Foil Giveaway to Celebrate 100,000 Packs Sold!


Hello Steemians! Wow, what a crazy 2 months we've had. You guys are awesome! We've barely opened our doors and you all came pouring in to help and support us. Now we have a thank you gift!

100k Booster Packs Sold!

In the two months we've been here we've sold over 100,000 Booster packs and we've sold just under 2,000 starter packs! We're blown away! We're so grateful, and now we're doing a thank you raffle.

Gold Foils

These are hot commodities. The Legendaries sell between 250-800 USD. Pretty sweet. It would be even sweeter if you owned one. It'll be even sweeter if you owned one when the gold foil only tournaments start!

We're here to help you out! We're giving away a Gold Foil Angel of Light!

We're also giving away 2 Gold Foil Epics, 5 Gold Foil Rares and 10 Gold Foil Commons.

What to do?

Upvote and resteem this post.
Buy packs by the time this post closes. Each pack will count as 1 raffle ticket. All packs purchased today will count, and all packs bought until the post closes will count.

Upvote, resteem, buy 1 or more packs, and you're in the raffle!

How did we get these?

Well, we could have printed them, but that's atrocious behavior and totally unfair to holders of these cards! So, like everyone else that wants to run a contest we purchased them on the market. I ran around and bought the least expensive cards from each of the rarities (I made an exception for the twisted jester, cause he's my fav), and now we're giving them away!

Anyway! There's over $600 dollars in prizes here, and the raffle tickets are just packs so you keep the cards even if you don't win the raffle.

Thank you!!

We can't say it enough. We're so grateful. We're happy to be part of the Steem Blockchain, and here's wishing you the best of luck in the raffle

Angel of Light and Gold Foil Giveaway graphics by @calumam
Steem Monsters Gif by @berniesecretary

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the bargains gonna ask for upvotes XDDDDD

Congratz on selling 100k packs :-)

yeah thanks bro we hope you keep supporting our platform

Great idea and thank you for this contest. It motivated me to buy some more packs ... and you know what: I am a winner already today!
I found a Gold Foil Lightning Dragon...


wow, i will try my luck on this. I hope i will win angel of light gold 😊

Bro, I also try this luck ... Wish me a good luck for this ..... Hoping my luck will work on this raffle ......

Upvoted, resteemed and 10 packs gotten. Look at that. 2 golds!
You guys are rocking! Can't wait for the games and tournaments.

Great promotion and congrats on 100k packs sold. I buy packs almost daily so If I happen to get a winning raffle ticket I will donate my prize back to the community!

Congrats, you made the #steemitminute for today!
Click the Image Below to see the Video!

Very classy dude!

I will be buying soon. Hope to earn some legend gold foils. Thanks.

@steemmonsters I bought 110 packs 22hrs ago, does it count as a "today" purchase? We are obviously in different time zones. Please let me know if this purchase qualifies me to the raffle or not. Thank you :)

Really great game!!!

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Haha great scene. "Well I can't figure out 2!" Great math teacher there too...

Bought the pack, upvoted and resteemed.. however time zone is now the issue...
Please be more clear on this...
You should post start time and end time and time zone referring to.. so that steemians are clear on this...

That's a fun way Todo a raffle, congrats for the awesome success with steem monsters :)

The addiction is real. Love it, great giveaway @steemonsters my first entry today was a pack with a Gold Dragon and a Rare Gold Pit Orge in the same pack.... God Bless,

Strive for Greatness.......

Great idea SM to reward your growing in number base, and growing in fanaticism base! Ya hooked me in the last few weeks that is for sure keep the hits coming can't wait for the attributes/stats to come out!

ok I'm in! I bought with a credit card too, that could get scary! :P

I am SO glad I don't have one of those things hahaha

@crystalhuman lol... yes it can get people into trouble for sure! :D

Upvoted and Resteemed @steemmonsters, I purchased 7 packs today but I am not sure on how to prove this since I had opened them already and combined them lol. Any advice or am I in the clear for the Giveaway?

Congratulations! I joined the raffle . Thanks !!

Congrats! I just started collecting about 10 days ago and already opened a few hundred packs, being incredibly lucky! Can you believe I pulled 2 GOLD CHROMATIC DRAGONS?!! Long live Steem Monsters!

P.S.: All reasonable offers will be considered... ;)

All ready upped and resteemed @steemmonsters ! I need some golds badly lol! would love to win this awesome Angle Of Light! I will be buying packs on Saturday I need to wait for my power down. Do we need to show screen shots buying them, or is it all ready automatically entered per pack!? thanks again, good luck everyone! Steem Monsters Is Soooo EPIC!👍😀👍😀👍😀

I need some golds badly lol!

@karenmckersie I've got a lot of gold for trade/sale. Are you on the Steem Monsters discord channel maybe? We can make some deals :)

I'm not doing that quite yet, just hoping to win some or buy some in a pack on Saturday . Waiting for my power down and can't afford anything right now. The cards are an investment I'm hoping to make money on fingers crossed.😊👍

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Ok, understood :)

Will get back to you though when I do for sure👍😊

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Great use of blockchains, you can see timestamped when people upvoted, resteemed, and what packs are purchased on the back end, really awesome. Also bonus by buying from the Monster Market.

Congratulations on the Best Game out there! I love Steem Monsters so much! It is too much fun! awesome Giveaway!! #TeamSM

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10 packs @aggroed

Awesome , I wish the participants luck

Amazing! This game is so fun and brings so much value to the community. Way to go on this milestone and am looking forward to seeing this game flourish long into the future.

You guys keep on impressing me. 👍👍SteemMonsters rock!

Three gold card and a Legendary Dragon, and I still have 85 packs unopened . . . I'll save some for tomorrow. Out of the 110 packs. not bad . . . many epics.

very good post dear brother very nice wow dear

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I keep forgetting the prize of Steem monsters. But seeing that 100k packages have been sold, I guess you are half way to become a millionaire, right?

When does the raffle start? I might have to get more packs 😂

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i am on the trail of monsters of steem now!

I think it goes without saying that if I win I'll just sell the card and use ALL the money to buy more packs, but I said it anyway ;)

Great it is growing rapidly, i bought its packs and i know that it is having good growing potential. upvoted>>>

He how are you good job sir I'm new steemit please help me can you vot me

Steem Monsters is the hottest thing on Steemit

There are a lot of these game coins but they all have one big problem, the elephant in the room. The problem is that if the tokens are worth money than the game developer will take the tokens for him/her self. So imagine you've got a game, and you use this SDK which gives tokens to your players. what would stop you from playing your own game. If you as the developer play your own game then you can cheat and collect stuff for your self which you can then sell. the only way to stop this, is to charge the developer. this will stop the developer playing his own game and will also incentive him to make the game secure against cheaters but this means that if the game was to get hacked (people will be trying to exploit it) then the developer will lose tokens and his money.

Woo! :) I just bought a few packs for the raffle and got a golden sabre shark, hehe! :D

Good luck everyone!

I have 20 STEEM, going to buy some packs right now! I love @steemmonsters!

Totally glad I did too! image.png

if i purchased the starter pack, i am participating in this contest anyway? or i need to buy the booster 2$ pack too?

based on boosters

What if... purchased but not opened...

Congrats! I joined the raffle too.

today buy in.PNG

Congrats! I joined the raffle too.

today buy in.PNG

Upvoted, resteemed, and I bought myself 3 packs!
thank you @steemmonsters for being hella awesome, and good luck everyone! :D

voted, resteemed, and one pack purchased. Hoping for some luck.

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Now that's what we call a competition!! Upvoted, resteemed and bought packs! Fingers crossed!!! ✌

@tipu upvote this post ;)

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good characters animation, give me imagination to fly at the sky... i want to have one of them. but i'm little fish make me sad.
someday i have ! good bless

I'm so glad everyone loves this game T_T Great job @steemmonsters
PS. Just received a small amount of steem...

Love the contest! Congratulations on a 100k packs sold! Can’t wait for the 1 mill contest :D keep up the good work!

Congrats, @steemmonsters team!
That's an amazing milestone.
Great contest to go along with reaching that milestone, too :D

Now... all I need are virtual buckets full of STEEM... lol

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Annnd done!!

good characters animation, give me imagination to fly at the sky... i want to have one of them. but i'm little fish make me sad.
someday i have ! good bless

I'm not sure of the time zone @steemmonsters but I hope these entries still come into account they were just 2 hours before the post was entered and I literally used all my spare crypto to buy the packs! I think I may have been close to the 100,000 pack! :)

Here is the proof :)

I made the start when I did cause of that. It's anyone that bought yesterday.

Congrats on 100k. This is an awesome raffle that’s a win win for everyone. Thank you.


I"m in . . . and off to buy some Steem monster packs.

Great promotion. This is an offer not many will be able to resist :)

Resteemed. Upvoted. @steemmonsters.

Now I just need to Angel of Light to fly this way!

I'm over here! 😂

Nice information such a very good article

Hello nice job! my name is harry and I'm an illustrator, i will love work with u guys, my discord is: Hengary #3317

I will like to win...... I wish everyone good luck with it.

Upvoted and ReSteemed.

I also joined the raffle ;)

Bought a set of 100(+10) card packs.

This is awesome thanks for chance... gives me more reason to want to buy atleast 1 pack a day.

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@steemmonsters I sent a payment to steemmonsters and when I hit payment sent and it was waiting to confirm transaction my browser crashed. The BTC are sent, yet now I am not sure If I will receive the starter pack now that I lost the window that waits for it to confirm.

Could you please help, it just gives me option to buy the starter pack again.

@steemmonsters its alright got the starter :) Followed interested in seeing how this will work out!

whooo hoooo!!! Well done!

Well I have purchased another 5 :D

Such good news!!! Congratulations on the new benchmark!!!! Can't wait to get my packs for the raffle!!!! I don't have any gold yet!

Got my first gold in one of the packs!!! So exciting!

Capturefirst gold.JPG

upvoted, resteemed....
Also going to buy some more packs...
Looking forward to the tournaments

super Aktion
finde ich echt nice

Great Idea

Great promotion and congrats :)
Thank you

Congratulations Steemmonsters. This is so much fun. Resteeming, upvoting and purchasing eleven packs on credit card.

Tip: If you purchase with credit card, allow the repeat and secure your pack purchases with phone notification. Just don't go crazy with repeats-LOL.

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Congrats! Thank you for doing a Giveaway. Upvoted, resteemed and bought 5 packs.

Great promotion guys and great to see that you have great success so far! Looking forward for more!

Nice offers and great ideas! Thank you for the contest offer also.

Mother Liberty.


I hope to be able to buy a couple of packs in the coming days, will just have to wait and see. It would be cool to get my first foil card.

great congrats buddy we hope that this progress will keep going .And we thanks to all our member to be a part of our team

can i resteem this post

Thank you to the entire Steemmonsters staff for all the hard work. I'm really looking forward to playing this game.

Upvoted and resteemed. That's a huge achievement, congratz :D

up vote, resteem and buy 3 packs

I need a lot of luck to win some prize hehehe

Congrats on the 100k packs! This is a great promotion! I've only just gotten into it. My interest got sparked when the past few days I saw some posts about steemmonsters show up. I was too late to enter the story contest for Rexxie, but I might try to write one for Divine Healer!

What a great way to show appreciation to fans. Congrats on the milestone. Will be sure to grab a couple so my kiddo can open them for me. He paused for a second when one of the epics did the special card effect. That was cool!

Upvoted, resteemed and bought 4 packs. Fingers crossed:0)

nice, Gratz.

Hope to be battling soon,

keep us posted.

Congrats on selling those 100,000 Packs.It sure is looking great and hoping for a lot more success in the coming days !

While got one more pack now !

Upvoted and resteem. Enter me!

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I am very happy to support this initiative as well as hoping for GF Angel of Light:).....

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