Legendary Gold Foil Giveaway to Celebrate 100,000 Packs Sold!

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Legendary Gold Foil Giveaway to Celebrate 100,000 Packs Sold!


Hello Steemians! Wow, what a crazy 2 months we've had. You guys are awesome! We've barely opened our doors and you all came pouring in to help and support us. Now we have a thank you gift!

100k Booster Packs Sold!

In the two months we've been here we've sold over 100,000 Booster packs and we've sold just under 2,000 starter packs! We're blown away! We're so grateful, and now we're doing a thank you raffle.

Gold Foils

These are hot commodities. The Legendaries sell between 250-800 USD. Pretty sweet. It would be even sweeter if you owned one. It'll be even sweeter if you owned one when the gold foil only tournaments start!

We're here to help you out! We're giving away a Gold Foil Angel of Light!

We're also giving away 2 Gold Foil Epics, 5 Gold Foil Rares and 10 Gold Foil Commons.

What to do?

Upvote and resteem this post.
Buy packs by the time this post closes. Each pack will count as 1 raffle ticket. All packs purchased today will count, and all packs bought until the post closes will count.

Upvote, resteem, buy 1 or more packs, and you're in the raffle!

How did we get these?

Well, we could have printed them, but that's atrocious behavior and totally unfair to holders of these cards! So, like everyone else that wants to run a contest we purchased them on the market. I ran around and bought the least expensive cards from each of the rarities (I made an exception for the twisted jester, cause he's my fav), and now we're giving them away!

Anyway! There's over $600 dollars in prizes here, and the raffle tickets are just packs so you keep the cards even if you don't win the raffle.

Thank you!!

We can't say it enough. We're so grateful. We're happy to be part of the Steem Blockchain, and here's wishing you the best of luck in the raffle

Angel of Light and Gold Foil Giveaway graphics by @calumam
Steem Monsters Gif by @berniesecretary

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the bargains gonna ask for upvotes XDDDDD

Congratz on selling 100k packs :-)

yeah thanks bro we hope you keep supporting our platform

Great idea and thank you for this contest. It motivated me to buy some more packs ... and you know what: I am a winner already today!
I found a Gold Foil Lightning Dragon...


wow, i will try my luck on this. I hope i will win angel of light gold 😊

Bro, I also try this luck ... Wish me a good luck for this ..... Hoping my luck will work on this raffle ......

Upvoted, resteemed and 10 packs gotten. Look at that. 2 golds!
You guys are rocking! Can't wait for the games and tournaments.

Great promotion and congrats on 100k packs sold. I buy packs almost daily so If I happen to get a winning raffle ticket I will donate my prize back to the community!

Congrats, you made the #steemitminute for today!
Click the Image Below to see the Video!

Very classy dude!

I will be buying soon. Hope to earn some legend gold foils. Thanks.

@steemmonsters I bought 110 packs 22hrs ago, does it count as a "today" purchase? We are obviously in different time zones. Please let me know if this purchase qualifies me to the raffle or not. Thank you :)

Really great game!!!

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