Last Day Max Level Exclusive Card Deals!!!

in steemmonsters •  6 months ago

We're doing a last day of the campaign discount sale on extra versions of the exclusive cards. In the chart above you can find pricing for the individual cards. We're offering a big discount only good today for extra copies of them or max level versions of them. Remember, we're never selling these cards again, so today is literally your last and best opportunity to get them. These deals are only available to people who have purchased the Monster Master package or above. (Gotta get your first version of them at normal prices to qualify for the discounts).

Here's the leveling chart for alpha standard and gold foil cards to refresh your memory of how many are needed.

I'll try to get a prettier version of that chart up, but want to give as many people as much time as possible to make their decisions. Last chance and then alpha is gone and these cards are never for sale again!

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So I'm purchasing the $200 Monster Trainer Early bird on Kickstarter....So if I add $200 more I get maxed level Royal dragon archer?


have to buy the monster master package or above to get access to the deals


I am interested but having to commit to $ 1000 + is just too rich for my blood. I also contributed $ 200 to the kickstarter. I am considering to purchase the standard and gold foil max set but the NEED to have the $600 - $800 is just too rich for me.

Please consider changing this to a lower threshold. If you do I am likely to contribute further....

Wondering if this project isn't developing into a pay2win game. Or maybe not even a pay2game cause all i see is ongoing fund raising instead of significant progress in developing the game?


The game got delayed twice due to HF20 and selling out of alphas weeks earlier than expected. The game is currently being played by all the Monster Mavericks on a test server. We plan to release to the public in the next week or two, which is 1-2 weeks behind schedule with some major challenges.

You'll see it quite soon.

How do I order this? I want this ;-)

Ah damn, I missed out... At least I got my $600 pledge secured!