Kickstarter was a Huge Success!!!

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We'd like to say thank you to everyone that participated in the Kickstarter and Fundition Crowd Funding Campaign. We had a target of $50,000. We blew it away by reaching over $100,000 pledged between the two platforms.

What you get!

Not only will you receive your cards, but we hit a few milestones along the way.

  1. We hit our funding goal meaning you'll be able to recieve all of the rewards from your pledge!
  2. We reached the $60k stretch goal allowing us to create another awesome animation! In this one we're planning to feature how the splintering occurred and walk through some of the backstory of the lore surrounding the Splinterlands.
  3. We reached the $75k stretch goal allowing all players who contributed $200 or more to receive 50 bonus Beta edition booster packs!
  4. We blew past the $90k stretch goal and reached the $100k goal allowing Steem Monsters to offer daily tournaments prize pools of $100. That's $100 in tournament prizes EVERY DAY, in addition to the $1,000 weekly prize pools! Not only that but we hope to be able to increase the prize pools even further using proceeds from pack sales and market fees!

What next? When do I get my rewards? How do I get my rewards? When does fighting start?

Woah, that's a lot of questions!

So, next up Aggroed has to create a form and send that out through Kickstarter detailing the rewards that everyone pledged for and ensure that anyone that upped their pledge gets exactly what they want and that it gets sent to the right account.

The rewards are going to come in the form of promo-codes that you can enter on the site. These will be sent via email!!! So if you don't give us an email you're not going to get them! If you purchased through Fundition, we'll let you know when the time comes and you'll need to reach out to @aggroed on Discord to get your rewards.

All reward tiers come with a free Steem account creation. If you already have a Steem account, you can use this to create a new one for yourself, or we would like to encourage you to take this opportunity to get a friend into the game for free. Half the point of building this game is to grow the Steem ecosystem. Get more players fighting over the same number of cards. Get more people trying to HODL Steem. You'll be glad you did when you look at markets!

For anyone contributed through Kickstarter, we have to match your Kickstarter pledge to a Steem account. The form will allow us to do that. So, please make sure you fill out the form right away.

Kickstarter will only let us send one form, so we have to get this right, or we're going to have trouble. So, please give us a few days to put that together. We'll send it out shortly after we're sure we have a spot for all the info we need from you.

After we send out the form there will be a few days to a week where we try to wrangle everyone to answer the form so we know where to send rewards. If you want things to go quickly and smoothly please answer the form as soon as you get it.

Lastly, once the forms are in, and we have a good bearing on who gets what we'll start passing out access codes (through email). Certain rewards, like the free Steem account creation and starter pack, will come sooner than others like the exclusive cards, so don't freak out if you didn't get all your rewards at first. They will come!

If you purcashed and successfully paid for a custom-designed Legendary Summoner card, please get in touch through the Steem Monsters Discord to figure out what your character should look like and to start building a backstory. You can send Aggroed sample images and a few sentences of detail and we'll get to work on it.

If you bought the Heroic Boss Monster package, hang tight a sec. The campaign mode is a few months away, so let us get the Legendary cards out the door and then we'll switch our attention to you.

Generally Speaking - 2 weeks before we start passing out rewards!

So, overall, it's going to take at least 2 weeks of logisistics to get all the data together, and then we'll start sending out the loot. If it all goes according to plan everyone (except Legendary and Heroic) are completely paid out by the end of October.

When Does Fighting Begin?

We were delayed by Alpha selling out early and HF20 taking days of time for both Matt and Aggroed who are witnesses and have to respond to the chain having issues. We're delayed about 1-2 weeks. As you may have noticed fighting is already happening on the test servers and we're putting in final tweaks, bug hunts, upgrades, buffs, nerfs, and features to get our alpha release out to the public.

So, Sunday October 14 is our target date for now. Please bear with us a little while longer as we prep it for launch.

Also please note that the first month or two of the battle system being released will be a balancing period. Before and during this period we will be making adjustments to card stats, abilities, and gameplay mechanics to ensure that the game is fun, fair, and balanced at all levels of play.

Please do not complain if your favorite card was "nerfed". Building a fun and balanced game will be far more important to the value of any cards than anything else we can do.

Starter Set / New Account Creation Updates

We are going to be changing the Starter Set to once again contain 30 cards and cost $10 instead of the 15 cards and $5 it costs now. This is to ensure that new players have enough cards to build a variety of teams.

The Starter Set will cost $10 with or without new account creation. Thanks to the changes in HF20 we are able to claim and use discounted accounts which eliminates the need for us to charge extra for account creation.

Yeah, but you're only describing the next 4 weeks, what happens after?

October we release fighting, November is all about getting tournaments up and running.

Guilds, campaigns, mobile apps, and the item/spell expansion will take us into the last quarter of 2018 and into the first quarter of 2019.

That's from a product development side. On the sales and marketing side once the game is launched we're going to ramp up external marketing and trying to onboard new users into the game. We imagine prize pools and tournaments will help!

Thanks so much and can't wait to crush you all in game!

In all seriousness, thank you for pledging! We can't begin to tell you how much we appreciate your support! We'll get you the rewards as quickly as we can. Fighting is around the corner, and we're really excited for the future of Steem Monsters!

Thank you for your continued support!

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Official Account: @steemmonsters

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I can't think of a single other project on this chain that has been this successful, and has a real, interactive element to it, that isn't just pushing steem around the place.

This has an actual purpose, and an actual game behind it.



Totally Agree! Steem Monsters is a total game changer.
The potential to attract new people onto the STEEM blockchain is mind-blowing.


Absolutely! This is the type of project that will drive blockchain tech into the mainstream. I've been hibernating for a while, but with all that's going on in the STEEM blockchain, I think I'm going to dive back into things.

Also please note that the first month or two of the battle system being released will be a balancing period. Before and during this period we will be making adjustments to card stats, abilities, and gameplay mechanics to ensure that the game is fun, fair, and balanced at all levels of play.

Please do not complain if your favorite card was "nerfed". Building a fun and balanced game will be far more important to the value of any cards than anything else we can do.

Good points that need to be reiterated in my opinion. I was having a look through the chat history in the mavericks house yesterday and saw that someone was complaining that the price of a card had dropped and was moaning about it. I know that the 'market' is important but it does annoy me that all some people are interested in is the short term profits over everything else. Buying hundreds of alpha packs and then trying to sell them for $3 a pop for example.

Really looking forward to the gameplay but I've got lots of strategising to do if I'm going to compete with the mavericks with thier early access !!!

Great work guys !!


Agreed, I think it's a bit too early trying to make money off your friends. Buying low and slipping cards, is not nearly going to be as much fun as buying low and maxing decks. :-D

Once, people realize they can battle to win money or lease out their cards, there will be more incentive to hold rather than flip.

Great post with updates I look forward to the rewards in two weeks :P and woot bonus Betas :) $$$ profit :p great job and congrats on 100K

Great news and update! Thanks for always keeping us informed.

Congrats! I am glad things are going in the right direction. I know people want to play like right now but for me I rather you guys take your time and get things the way you want them and not rush! Thanks @steemmonsters for all your hard work and the countless hours that everyone has put into this wonderful project!


So good it was a success! Looking forward to play this!!

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I’m excited to battle. I can’t wait!

Posted using Partiko iOS

Thanks for the detailes update! Looking forward to getting this going and seeing the benefits of the community coming together!

Awesome Update and even battle hasn't started yet I'm already looking farward to the mobile app of Steemmonsters.

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WOW ! TOTAL AWESOMENESS @steemmonsters ! great job @aggroed and @yabapmatt , totally crushed it to 100,000.00 hahaha! this is going to be EPIC , Icant wait to start playing and learning what teams are better then others to play with ! 👍✌💕💁👹👿💀👾

Hooray!!! I look forward to 10/14/2018

Fantastic work guys! I am so excited this is happening!
I can't wait to test it out.

I'm very excited. I heard about Steem Monsters two days before the end of the crowdfunding and instantly realized the potential. I have been waiting for a blockchain-based game with unique items that serve actual purposes rather than simply being collectibles.

Not only do the cards serve purposes, but the game is designed in such a way that the winners aren't determined by the quality of card they possess, but how they develop their cards. Strategy seems much more important. I can't wait to see how it all plays out.

I am 100% behind you guys on this. Games are the way to bring crypto and blockchain to the mainstream, and I believe that Steem Monsters will really help the Steem blockchain with publicity. Looking forward to your progress on this project. Take your time and get it right. You guys have a great opportunity here!

Can't wait! Thank you guys!

You've earned it!

Thank you for all the info in the update. It is good to see how much people are behind this game. I can't wait to play it.

That's $100 in tournament prizes EVERY DAY


Congrats on 100K in pledges!!!