First Splinterlands: UNTAMED Airdrop Announced - DIAMOND DRAGON!

Beta packs sold out. We have since started marketing the new edition UNTAMED. This edition features 14 airdrops! We've just sold out of the first one!

History of Airdrops: Alphas

This game didn't always have gold foil cards. It started with just the standard foil ones. We announced the addition of gold foil cards and then did an airdrop. Players who had previously purchased packs received a bonus slavo of cards in their account. Not every pack purchased got an extra card, but the more packs you had purchased the more aidropped cards were received.

Beta Airdrop

With the launch of the Beta edition, we ran a Kickstarter campaign. It featured designing your own Legendary Summoners for a high pledge amount. Those cards were designed and weren't ready until we were roughly halfway through the beta sales. We decided to airdrop them to players. Players received airdropped Legendary Summoners based on the number of packs purchased.


With UNTAMED we have pre-scheduled 14 different airdrops, which will include the 6 Legendary Summoner cards designed by backers in this current Kickstarter campaign and 8 other cards from the Untamed set. There are a total of 1.5M Untamed edition booster packs for sale and after every 100,000 packs are sold another card will be added to the set and airdropped to all players who purchased packs previously. Note that there will not be an airdrop after the last 100k packs are sold.

This means that if you purchase packs from the first set of 100k, you are eligible for ALL 14 future Untamed airdrops. If you purchase from the second set of 100k packs you're eligible for the next 13 airdrops, and so on. The sooner you purchase packs the more airdrops you are eligible for.

First 100k packs sold

Between the site, Kickstarter, and Fundition, the first set of 100k packs have been sold out. The actual airdrop is scheduled take place in November, shortly after the pre-sale and crowdfunding campaigns end and the Untamed cards are released. If the second 100k packs have sold by that point then both airdrops will take place simultaneously.

It's Not Too Late!

Even though the first 100k packs have been sold, all packs purchased through Fundition and Kickstarter will be eligible for ALL 14 Untamed airdrops, even if they are purchased after the initial airdrops are sold out. So, if you want to make sure you don't miss out on any of the cards, consider backing us through one of those platforms.

If you want the packs immediately so you can trade or barter with them immediately please continue using the site for purchases, but note they don't get the benefits of the Kickstarter/Fundition campaign.

Player Notice

Packs purchased through the Splinterlands website are NOT eligible for Kickstarter/Fundition Stretch Goals. Those are exclusively available through the Kickstarter and Fundition campaigns. Also note Fundition and Kickstarter packs aren't delivered until at least late November (site packs appear immediately, but can't be opened until the pre-sale is over, which slated for the end of November).

Now that the first 100k packs have been sold, packs purchased through the Splinterlands website from here on out will not be eligible for the first Untamed airdrop.

Additionally, packs purchased second-hand from other players are not eligible for any airdrops. The airdrops are based on packs purchased directly from Splinterlands or approved third-party merchants such as

Diamond Dragon

So, what's actually getting airdropped you ask? This Legendary Dragon Splinter Diamond Dragon!!!

It's a total "drag" that you can't participate in this airdrop by purchasing packs on the site anymore, but all Kickstarter and Fundition packs will still be eligible for it! So, you're not completely out of luck. You just have to pledge in one of those two campaigns. As long as you bought one UNTAMED pack in a pledge you have a chance of getting all 14 airdrops!

Relevant Links!/@sm-fundition/yl3a19vec

Stay tuned for more updates from the Splinterlands!

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greetings, @steemmonsters

Tell me, please:

I bought around 85 packs on the first sale of 100000. They are eligible for airdrop. The ones I buy from now on will not be eligible. That's right?? Got it right ???

All packages purchased through the site are eligible for the airdrops, the packs purchased at the first sale are eligible for all airdrops, the packs purchased at the second sale will only be eligible for 13 airdrops and this way successively...

thank you a lot, man!!!

Why are those animations not part of the game?! So simple, but so effective.

I think making those animations exclusive to gold foil cards would make gold foils more special and sought after. Right now they aren’t very attractive.

I hope the new edition will not be too strong, I'm afraid for beta cards

Sm make cash on Beta, must now encourage the purchase of the new edition however, greed always ends badly, but of course idiots will write AMAZING :D

I don't think that can happen because of the way the game is played. Every card has a chance to be really good at different rulesets.

If you think that they just gonna amp up the overall strength of the cards, that would be totally stupid and probably would lose them a lot of future investors and possibly kill the game.

These new graphics are crazy!

Looking forward to this, purchased ten packs in game and also backed the Kickstarter with the $200 reward option - excellent value with all the physical extras included. I would definitely advise anyone that already enjoys playing @steemmonsters backs at any level they can on Kickstarter.

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Can we possibly get the Gold versions aswell as the airdrops ?

Diamond Dragon looks so good as if it would be the dragon from Game of Thrones. I pretty much like the airdrops concept and is a great marketing tool that works also in benfit of the players. Great things are happening, thanks for making them become true and good look on future path!

That is definitely sweet!! The GF looks awesome with the new card design! 😝

The new card designs look awesome. Can't wait to see the new stats or abilities on these cards!

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Probably a dumb question... but how does the Kickstarter pledge get matched to the Splinterlands account?

I think they said a code will be provided to input into your splinterlands account

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Whoa! That is a beautiful card. I love the dragon scale detail and the reflective armor.

What an incredible card, I love it

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Looks like you uped the art budget. Noice. 😉

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The new card designs look awesome

Kind of a bummer that the airdrops don't qualify if you bought pre-sale packs through the game's interface. A lot of folks bought into the hype through that interface as it was the only means within their budgets at the time. Granted, new pledge amounts were added (days) after the first offering of pre-sale packs via the game's interface and are now qualifiers for the airdrops. That IS a cool deal! But ya, if you bought pre-sale, before the new pledge marks... it's a sour egg. Not the end of the world....just......meh.

*(soooo hope I'm wrong... it wouldn't make me mad to be wrong hahah )

You are eligible for the airdrops from packs bought on the website. The only difference is that now that the first 100,000 packs have been sold, any additional packs bought from the main Splinterlands website will not be eligible for that first airdrop, only the 13 remaining ones. Any bought on the crowdfunding sites now until the end of November will get in on all 14 though. I bought a couple packs from the main site before the first 100,000 packs were sold so those will be eligible for all 14 airdrops. Make sense?

Just donated $10 on Fundition. Don't see me in the backers, though...

Maybe it takes a while to process and post?

If I understand correctly you must pay $45 or more to be considered a backer on fundition.

how many of these dragons will be released?

I am feeling that GF Diamond Dragon @steemmonsters

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