Fighting Begins Next Week! The Final Countdown!

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Battles are scheduled to begin Sunday, October 14th!

Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to build your team and test it against others in a fight to the death in the digital realm, from the safety of your keyboard!

The Steem Monsters Mavericks and team members have been testing this game for the last couple weeks and it is seriously're gonna love it!

The first couple months of battling will be a balancing period as we continue to make adjustments to card stats, abilities, and gameplay mechanics to ensure that the game is fun, fair, and balanced at all levels of play.

Please do not be surprised if your favorite card was "nerfed". Building a fun and balanced game will be far more important to the value of any cards than anything else we can do.

We are so excited that the game play is finally ready to launch!
Thank you to everyone for your continued support and patience over the last few months!

See you next Sunday on the Battlefield!

And may the odds be ever in your favor!

Thank you for your continued support!

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It is going to be excellent seeing people battle with their own cards!

As a Maverick who has already been playing, trust me, you're going to love this.

There's so many possibilities and combinations that you can field - and pretty much everything has a counter!

Can't wait to fight some new people!


Playing with your own deck is going to be more engaging than beta testing.
Nobody else can field MY spineback wolf.
There are many like it, but this one is mine.


As much as I enjoyed writing his fiction story, I don't think I've seen anyone field any spineback wolves yet!

Sounds Awesome! And hopefully, you'll be having level capped battles from day one, as I'm seeing a lot of peeps just collecting a single set.

We don't want to lose interest from people being pummeled by level 10 decks on Day 1.

Looks amazing!

Nerfed like a rekt pally?

Congratz on this important step!

Exciting times. Next week will become hard to be productive :)


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Waiting for it long long time
It is time to construct my deck

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Very exciting thanks for sharing!!

Wait! what?
it's the end of 2018 and r u ppl still addict to those cartoon games :D Lol


it is not only about cartoon games, it about blockchain game, soon it will evolve more!


What I mean is, "There should be some thing better than this. Attractive and advanced"


On the contrary I agree, Let's hope somebody would create another game that would be Attractive and advance

Fasten your Seatbelts....


Definitely addicting! Even watching battles has become addicting as I have been traveling and looking to strategies to prepare for battles going live!

Hello @steemmonsters

I am happy to see myself on the game. I have purchased "many" monsters and I am ready.

The question is: what time of which timezone are we starting exactly, please?

Thank you for the beautiful game and see you all on the "battlefields"


Looks like fun! I'm getting hyped up.

hello, could be fun. I will try brouth

So soon!! Can I ask if there are links to tutorial vids for busy bodys that have yet to catch up?! Do we need to join a team etc?! 😀


I second this, I'm interested but need a crash course haha


I've been doing a whole bunch of streams to that impact, I upload the replays regularly. :)


@flauwy did a couple of really cool primers.
Look for the dwarf.


I've got a few examples of battles on the test server on my blog as well. :)


Cool! I will go get a couple of hours very soon to go learn about it 😊 thanks!

Awesome! So looking forward to this!

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It looks like an interesting game to play! Can't wait for its actual launch. :)

Finally! Can't wait!!!

This exciting! the moment of waiting is here!

October 14th, Finally! Really hyped now.
One thing I'm curious about, can players play with Alpha and Beta cards on the same team? I only see all-beta teams on gameplay vids. Congrats on a great and a seemingly addicting game.

It's the final countdown :D

Man, I can't believe the level of support that this project is receiving. Makes me wish I had come up with it!

I know that I've bought my fair share of cards. Ready to fight here - I need something to pull me away from Clash Royale. Let's do this!

I still can not believe that after only 7 days I can plunge into the virtual world of steemmonsters

Я до сих пор не могу поверить, что всего через 7 дней смогу окунуться в виртульный мир steemmonsters

Are there tutorials?

this is a really cool development! its shows that there are really some talented folks here on steemit!!

Where can we find rules and how to's for steem monsters?

Sounds like this will be fun game to play!

The dashboard looks pretty cool. Will we actually be able to build teams that we can save as permanent playable teams, or is the team building a part of each battle? It would be nice to set permanent teams and when the battle comes just pick the team we want to use. I can hardly wait to play.


After you pick the summoner you will go to the second screen. The summoner is at the top of the list of monsters on the left. If you look above it there's a 20/20 mana count, and right above that is a save button.

This is gonna be fun! Good luck!


Thrilled about this!

This is so cool! Awesome!

I am looking toward and very excited to win..haha!))

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Congrats to all! Thank you for a wonderful game to enjoy with such great benefits for gain. It really makes this kind of gameplay more competitive and induces depth of meaning in how much has been put in this for everyone. So Thank you @steemmonsters @aggroed @clove91 and all others involved!

Hey this is pretty cool. Is there any way to get involved without paying?

Great job, we can't wait to play! I think this will be a great success.👍

Hell yeah, looking forward to it :)

Ready to battle, this is going to be so fun!

Wondeful game built on a wonderful blockchain

Very Appropriate to have SteemMonsters Start on a #PirateSunday................

I can't wait. This is going to be fun.

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looking forward to this!!! excited to be on the Steemmonster battlefield on Sunday! save the date guys and let the fight begin!!!

let the fight begin!!! looking forward to the Steem Monster battled field this Sunday! hope my card won't get nerfed though..

Sunday is the battlefield day for Steemmonsters! my fear is getting addicted to it (as I do have in gaming) but yeah, let's get it on!!

Hurray! Can't wait to finally try this one out.

Am looking forward to it

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good job. nice post :)

Cool stuff!

Please could you take a quick second to check out my latest blog post, here and see if you would like to get involved in the opportunity I have to share!

Thank you! :)

On fire con las carticas!!!!!

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This is gonna be way bigger than "professional" wrestling!

  • WizarDave said that on October 9, 2018 at 10:22AM CST
    as recorded on the Steem blockchain...

Great job! Ready to fight here.

Looking forward to get in the battle. Fight!

So exited !!!

excited to make my first video on my very first battle

Cool! It's sounds like an interesting game. Do you have any video tutorials as well?