Splinterlands Facebook & Telegram Report!

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Hello everyone! What a great week it has been with the Kickstarter and Fundition becoming so successful and coming to an end. Splinterlands Kickstarter and Fundition raised 305K! This is simply outstanding! I noticed tons of new traffic coming through Telegram and Facebook the past week. This game is growing so fast. It is so cool to watch it grow and to be here to witness it all!

On Facebook, there was an ad placed and it did very well! There were 19,760 video views and 26,277 post reach this week! This is so awesome to see! We also have 29 new likes this week for a total of 379 follows! Telegram is very active and has 742 members! What makes Telegram so cool is the DEC tips you can get in there for helping out or making me laugh!

This week in celebration of all the new Facebook and Telegram members, I'd like to have a gold foil Furious Chicken giveaway! It is very easy to enter. I will have a random generator for the winner to be picked. For your name to be eligible to be in the random giveaway you need to join us in Telegram or Facebook if you have not yet. Next, drop your Splinterlands funniest meme or battle in the comments below and let me know if you are in the Telegram group, like the Facebook page or joined the Facebook group!

Now you are on your way to a chance of winning a free gold foil chicken! I do love this card! It is fantastic for low mana battles! I recently maxed mine out. Watch him here get a nice hit in on the Stone Golem! I hope you all have another amazing week in Splinterlands!

Watch The Demon with the Facebook & Telegram Update and the Gold Chicken giveaway below!



Facebook Group Stats:

Facebook Page Stats:

Telegram Stats:


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Splinterlands Official Facebook Page HERE

Splinterlands Telegram HERE

Immortal Gods IG - HERE

YouTube Splinterlands Content - HERE

Splinterlands 3Speak Community - HERE

Splinterlands Dtube Content - HERE

  • You can start playing Splinterlands now for FREE! Check out this video of how to here.
  • A big thank you to Flauwy for the awesome Splinterlands community dividers! You can use them to make your Splinterlands posts shine here!

Have a great day in Splinterlands everyone!

I wish you luck in your battles and daily quest rewards!

I will see you all on the battlefield!

May the Monsters be with you.

Chris Love @clove71
Splinterlands Rep

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I'm already on both FB and Telegram...
Here is a crazy battle, we both played the death splinter, he used two lvl 3 legends... But, I still won!

WOW! I was like Lord A and Corrupted Pegasus are DOWN LOL! Great battle! You are now entered into the Gold Chicken Giveaway! Good luck!

Greetings, I don't know if of time but I still share this battle. I think that without The Furious Chicken I lost the battle.

I already follow them on Twitter and instagram and in the telegram group I am also, they have given me some tips 😂

Splinterlands is great.


Yes- you are good! I am having the drawing in the next hour or so- then it will be posted tomorrow by Steem Monsters -- Good luck!!

I'm on the good ol' Telegram group (Renku Tsnaks is what they call me there)

And here is my very relatable meme

hahaha!! What a great card that is, LOL! FUNNY!! You are entered in the Gold foil chicken giveaway! Good luck!

this shit is quite disturbing and sucks while u dont have it....... i am a little minnow and this one always force me to lose

Next time I will give away a Lord A! You should enter this contest to try to win the gold chicken!

Oh shit no stress still plenty of time I hope for this giveaway?

Yes, you made it in time! Good luck!

Awesome!!! Good luck to you!!

Exploding dwraf VS Furious Chicken

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NICE! My favorite card! He is a serial killer, LOL!!! You are entered in the gold chicken giveaway held this Wednesday~~ Good luck!!!

Thanks, I love those card they share the same amount of life. Lol

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Hello @clove
Thanks for the giveaway post.
Here is link to battle
This is not so great battle, but I like to share strategy I always use. I always use chicken in first position for ruleset Monster loose all ability and earthquack. In case of monster loos all ability it will take first (most probably biggest hit) with zero mana cost. And for earthquake rule it will anyways get killed in second round so if put it in last positiin do it is better to put in first positiin and it will again give a chance of less damage to tank in first round (as it will take some load) ☺

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Awesome! You are entered good luck! Check out our Telegram as we have DEC tips in there!

Already in facebook as well as in telegram group.

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I'm already on both FB and Telegram.

Hurry up to the tournament!

NICE!!! These tournaments look great! It will be exciting! Good luck in the giveaway!

i in facebook

Yes, I saw that you are there! That is Great! You can just put a crazy battle link of yours sometime here and you are entered! Good luck!

Telegram ID: Ay Human (just joined Tele, no clue what to use it for yet. Kinda like Discord... I don't dabble much with that at all either. )

My regular non-gold chicken takes on for the team.... and helps me cross into the Silver League for the first time ever! *not that I got to stay there for long, heh.


I saw you! Comment in there so I can give you a nice big DEC tip! You are now entered into the gold chicken giveaway held on this coming Wednesday ! Good luck!

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You know this battle I was presented in the Telegram chat 😃

The Most Exciting Meeting! LOL

if the image is tiny -- click here to see zoomed

  ·  10 days ago (edited)

Awesome! LOL! Gotta love the Exploding Dwarf!!! You are entered now for the gold chicken giveaway! Good luck!

Joined the FB group!!! I feel like Chicken tonight!

hahaha! The price of a gold chicken has gone up to $13.90!

Hey first i want to say thanks for this giveaway.

Anyway here my crazy battle.When i seen him i think that i will lose battle because he is good player and even he takan lord also in thay battle i was so confused. But at the end i was shocked.Because i win.


What a cool battle! You are a great player!! You are now entered into the giveaway for the gold chicken! Good luck!

Thank you so much

All very good news!
When exactly can UNTAMED packs finally be opened?

There is not an exact date. ETA is the end of November. Notes from Discord--- "One last thing
All these sales are currently pre-sales. UNTAMED won't go live until after the crowd sale ends and we've been paid. The crowd sale is slated to end on Nov 7th. Kickstarter holds the funds for 2 weeks and then transfers to us. That gets us to Nov 21. The plan is to get the digital rewards out shortly thereafter so we're targeting Nov 24-28 as the range when pack tokens go out. (Plan not a promise)

Physical stuff has custom stuff to get created, added to the book, and then shipped out. We hope to start shipping stuff in December, but it's possible with the holidays and unresponsive backers that it gets pushed back to January.

The Legendary cards have to get designed. As soon as payments go through we'll start designing them. The legendary summoners will go out in airdrops during the UNTAMED edition. As they become ready and characters get unlocked we'll be rolling them out one at a time."

Thank you for the information

This is an entry for Lord Lucifer- from telegram-- https://steemmonsters.com/?p=battle&id=3dca40087cdf257952b2e0da6fc669f9a14c3175

The drawing will be held today, Nov. 13th 2019

I love when restriction of 'only common and rare monsters' is in play.
The metal of a player is tested when his/her hands get tied. No more the fancy stuff. Just the pure basics...I love the circumstances.Don't you:)

Thank God the opponent didn't used exploding dwarf...The most feared common card by me. He is indeed a serial killer.