1000 USD worth of Steem and Prizes delivered to players in 4 days!

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4 days ago in this post we announced to the world that tournaments were open for business. Today we're happy to annouce we've given out over $1000 USD worth of steem and prizes to players!

Steem Monsters Pays Players!

Whether you're playing daily quests, getting ever higher in season play, or battling in tournaments Steem Monsters pays you! This is the power of blockchain games! This is crypto in your hands and tokens in your account!

If you're not playing Steem Monsters you're missing out on money you could earn with your cards every single day.

Get Noticed!

Want our player base to notice what you're doing? It's time to sponsor a tournament! It takes less than two minutes to get a game up on the list and eyeballs on your project!

Prizes can be steem, sbd, or something else. Steem and SBD are automatically distributed. Other prizes can be manually distributed.

Thank you for your continued support!

Steem Monsters Contact Info:


Steem Monsters Website

Steem Monsters Discord

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Good for them...

thanks @steemmonsters
hope to see 10000 usd in prices next year.

And then who knows - Dota2 numbers dont seem unbeatable

Just made my first tournament... super exciting!

Screen Shot 2019-02-27 at 8.36.51 PM.png


ouh wow, you can simply use a card for a tournament price?


Yeah. You can make the tournament prize anything you want.

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Chromatic Dragon (802px, 10fps) (1).gif


Awesome I have been waiting for this feature. Now I have more of a reason to play more.
Good work on making it happen you guys are great. 👏 👏👏

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Very cool - On boarded two people today with the physical playing cards, go steem monsters!

Making room as Steem Monsters is Blowing UP Big Time! Getting bigger and better! I had so much fun earlier playing in a tournament and also winning some STEEM! :-) My favorite crypto game and the Best game on the STEEM Blockchain!

bg (600px, 12fps) (1).gif


Do u actually play the game? Last i checked you were running bots?


Their favorite game to run bots on...

Please give me more information about it. I'm interested to take part in that competition.

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Is it free to start playing or do you have to pay a fee to get in and start playing?

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best blockchain game :), love this game !!!!

Crazy stuff :D
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Thanks for another cool feature that I can’t wait to try. Now just need to come up with an enticing prize.

!gif Great work

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The automated Tournaments are the best!
Thanks for the great work.

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