Steemmonsters giveaway #11 Free to enter [No Upvote, No Resteem, No Follow]

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Hello, welcome to my steemmonsters giveaway series #11.

How am I doing my giveaways ?
Well to make it step by step
1 ) I complete my steemmonsters daily quest
2 ) I add together the value of the cards that I get and then divide the value in half
3 ) then I go on steemmonsters market and find a card to giveaway to you guys for that value.
Pretty simple if I say so myself.

The reward I got for today is shown below
Wood Nymph [$0,04]
Creeping Ooze (GF) [$1,40]
Sea Monster [$0,04]
Daria Dragonscale [$0,40]
Undead Minotaur [$0,02]
Rusty Android [$0,02]
Silvershield Archers [$0,02]

1,94 / 2 = $0,97

And as you can see today's giveaway will be for a card that is worth $0,97
But actually as I was looking at the market I didn't see any interesting cards, so I picked something from my own collection that I already had, and that's worth a little more
So for this giveaway one lucky winner will get an Air Elemental !

How can you enter the giveaway ?
Answer the following question.
Do you own any Alpha cards ?

The last giveaway winner is . . .
Congratulations @cryptofiloz you have won the last giveaway !
The Card has been sent out !

Thank you for reading/entering my giveaway post, and check out Steemmonsters

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Yeah I have a few alpha cards, wish I bought more at the time though...

I would love to get this card! I don't own a single Air Elemental. I don't have any Alpha edition cards either.

I do

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No, am new, playing for 5 days :)
gratz on your rewards!

No. I don't own any alpha cards!

Thanks for the card! I have few Alpha cards, but they are low level, so I don't use them.. :(

MANY. But could be more though :)

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I don't own any alpha cards.

Yep. I own some alpha cards but I not enough to level up anymore.

No, I don't have any alpha

I have a few Alphas, but I need more. 🤞

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Yes I have 3 alpha cards I won in competitions ages ago

Nope, would love this card.

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just some basic beta's for me :(

Yes I own an alpha card. Am a noob on steem monster and I mistakenly brought an alpha card.

Almost a year ago I was thinking about alpha letters at the moment, but I had to sell them 3 months ago or so, I regret having done it but it was priority !:

One only.

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No Alpha Cards Here. Just started recently

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No alpha Just start playing

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Yes i own alpha cards, especially water splinter.

I own Mostly ALPHA Cards and I am Glad I Do........@steemitmonsters

wow excellent, congratulations

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How can you enter the giveaway ?
Answer the following question.
Do you own any Alpha cards ? no.

I am entering on behalf of @win4inah and @inahthewarrior.