New wiki articles about the Steem Monsters card game on Steem blockchain

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Hi steemians and Steem Monsters players! We are glad to announce that now has 3 new wiki articles about the recent launched Steem blockchain card game. Thanks to the new participant @omitaylor, a player and enthusiast of this great and succesfull project in Steem ecosystem. She created these pages from scratch and we follow adding some references, links, external links and formatting. If you're curious and interested about this RPG inspired initiative, visit the links bellow. If you already know the game and started your monsters collection just check them if you like:

The cards and glossary pages are still at the beggining but we think they can grow together with the game players activities and the project evolution. Our wiki article cited the Wikia Fandon Steem Monsters wiki, another excellent platform to gather the community and store information and knowledge. In, following our proposed rules, you can collaborate creating and editing the wiki and also have the right to share the STEEM sum collected here monthly.

Have fun, thanks and good luck again!

This month we had the first contributions from @deividluchi, @joaoprobst, @leodelara, @moeknows and @wiseagent, welcome and thank you very much! With the returning contributors @casagrande, @casberp, @flaviusbusck, @freyman and @robertoueti, they join the wiki group of participants in June, plus: @adam.tran, @aiyumi, @ataliba, @leticiachiantia, @omitaylor, @ubikalo and @wagnertamanaha. This is the group of 17 people with a right to receive a share of the STEEM collected here in June. If interested you can check the recent updated wiki pages we listed in our last summary post or just click in this link on the wiki navigation menu: Recent Changes.

This month also, the steemians @lantracy, @elouassif, @carl, @brainpod, @franybeller and @carlpei registered as new wiki users. Welcome! We hope you can collaborate soon to be in our next list of STEEM rewards distributions.

Thanks again to all collaborators, followers and donators, please keep participating and working to transform in the wiki about all things Steem!

Project's Balance, a rewards shortage again :-(

Today our wallet has the small amount of 22.954 STEEM, according our Rules, 60% of all STEEM collected this month - 13.772 STEEM - would be shared among all the 17 June's participants (until now). If you liked our proposal and don't bother with this little values we invite you to join whenever you want. You can also just upvote and resteem this post to increase the rewards and support new and recurrent participants. We hope that like we did for January, February, March, April and May participants, we can continue sharing part of all STEEM collected with this account among the contributors once more again.

Help and/or join the project!

Thanks to the support of the owner and creator who helped recovering for the first rewards pool shortage 2 months ago but, as we told you above, unfortunatelly our reward pool is dry again. We can't say about the Steem Monsters but if this shortage doesn't frighten you to participate in our monthly distributions and earn a share of the actual tiny STEEM collected by this account, take a look on the Rules and join us if you want. This year we are celebrating the first anniversary of our project working to make into the wiki of all things Steem. Follow us, register in with your Steemit username and just start creating new pages or updating existent ones in our wiki!

You can find new pages suggestions in Articles for Creation and use the sandbox page to play wiki editions for free. We also have some loosely guidelines proposed, if you need you can just ask for a personal response in #wiki channel too.

Help to support the project with donations, overcoming the rewards shortage and increase our bounties to new and recurrent collaborators, just transfer any value or STEEM Power delegation (see in the rules our policy in automatically upvoting recent wiki authors) to @steemcenterwiki. Or follow us, upvote, reply or resteem this post.

Thanks again to all collaborators, followers and donators! Let's continue contributing to make in the wiki about all things Steem!

Image credits: animated gif and illustrations by @wagnertamanaha. : About | STEEM Rewards | Rules

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I saw that @steemcenterwiki uses Steemvoter's paid service to automatically vote its collaborators. I was wondering, why not use Steemauto which is free? Is there any specific reason that is a dealbreaker?


When we began using Steemvoter the Steemauto free service wasn't available yet. Although Steemauto recently proposed a monthly fee, we can replace the upvoting service here too, maybe with regular donations to them. Thanks and good luck again!