Time to Put Up or Shut Up - Name My Tournament Contest

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Not too long ago, I made this post about how I believe that Steem Monsters tournaments need to run deeper in the prize pools (not necessarily bigger pools, but a wider distribution of winners). So I think it's only fair that I practice what I preach. I am aiming to pay prizes to at least 32 places, but hopefully 64 depending on funds (even more if possible).

I'm going to use this post as a bit of a fundraiser, and I will be using the Author Payout rewards to fund the prize pool for a tournament I will run at the end of this post.

Now naturally just how deep this prize pool can run will be determined by how successful this post is, so whilst of course it isn't mandatory, anything you can do to get this post some attention is appreciated, whether that be an upvote, or a resteem, whatever works for you really.

Now I did mention something about a contest didn't I? Well, here it is. I want you, dear readers and tournament players, to come up with a catchy name for this tournament. The only requirement, is that it makes a reference to the term "Deep".

The winning entry, as decided by me, will receive a Gold Foil Fire Beetle card.


So get those entries in everyone, and let's get this @steemmonsters tournament funded :)


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Thanks for being part of our contest community.

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Haya, you have new follower thanks [email protected]'s Red Fish League... also, I know nothing about all these games steem monsters etc. if someone wanted to literally learn the 101 on all that, is there a place to start?

Deep web, count?

Absolutely that counts. Thanks for your support.

Reep the Deep

Nice. Very nice.

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The Mariana Monsters. Named after the deepest part of the ocean. Please sell the card and use it to fund your tournament if i win. Awesome idea also. I would like to play it once it is up.

After the Mariana Trench. I see what you did there

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Weeeell.....it was either that or the Ron Jeremy tournament......i went with family friendly 😁

Have you heard deep purple? They bring me back good memories.

Smoke on the water.....fire in the sky.

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How about.... "Deep like yo mama likes it!"

Hmmm. Not entirely sure that's family friendly.

I think that it must be as it is now: Deep Prize Pool
(reference to my nickname Come Get Some! he-he)

Aha. I see what you did there!!!

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Payouts being "Deep" is the way to go.

After all everyone who is playing has contributed to the prize pool.

Exactly. More winners = happier players = tell their friends = more new players!!!

As I see - you want the prize pool to cover as many players as possible.

So what about the name Deeper Sonar ?
I think that not so great players have lack of funds to get the Legendary cards...
So they are most of minnows.

Exactly. By letting as many players as possible win a prize, it's my belief that it will encourage people to play more and learn about the game for the long term

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How about “the deep end” contest?

If I win the card, I will donate it to your prize pool.


The deep end. Not bad, not bad at all

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Deep Underworld Kings Battle

Nice. Powerful. Good luck and thanks for entering

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@sparkesy43 Thank you for not using bidbots on this post and also using the #nobidbot tag!

I will say 'Monsters of the Deep'. Good luck with your tournament!

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Thanks for your entry. That's a great suggestion

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Sup Dork! Enjoy the upvote!!!

How about "Deep Blue Steem"? Thanks for running this contest and for the tourney you're planning. I upvoted this post to support the project.

Excellent suggestion, and thanks for the support

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Upvote, happy to help. I think this, I hope you like It;)
Deep pain and big gain

I like it, thanks for the support.

Great initiative. I was planning the exact same thing, lol, but you beat me to it. So maybe we can join forces? Drop me a note on Discord (@simplymike@5957) and we can figure something out :0)

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