Sparkesy's Battle Brag #2 - Win a Dark Enchantress (Beta) - No Upvote, Resteem or Follow Required

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Greetings one and all. After the success of my last @SteemMonsters Battle Brag contest, it's back. This time I'm giving away an Epic Dark Enchantress (Beta) card.


To win, all you need to do is comment below and tag the last person you defeated in battle. It doesn't matter if it was ranked play, a tournment or even a practice game, just tag away - and a bit of trash talk is always fun too.....

After this post closes, I will randomly select a winner to receive the Dark Enchantress card.

As part of the @ContestKings mantra, there is no upvote, resteem or follow required for entry, but if you do feel so inclined, I won't complain.

I will also invite entrants in the last Battle Brag to enter again - @vincy, @wonderwop, @reconnectnature, @gillianpearce, @von-doom, @sardonic, @robertoueti, @stokjockey, @funnel

So good luck everyone, Battle On and Brag Away!!!!

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Awesome, thanks bro! @cannabiscup got whooped last! :-)

I was having a real tough time winning games today to make my 5 wins for the daily quest... fortunately I came up against @shitcoinking who seemed to be sucking more than me and accounted for not just my last win but 2 of my 5 wins today.

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It was @nicestbot, but I believe only because this sweet botty ran! :D I don't know why, I don't look that scary, do I?


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I was able to beat @cryptkeeper17 my last win then I started to lose Champion is hard for me.

@strutt and I had an epic battle where we were going at each other at the end with our last card only to tie because of fatigue!! 🤣

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How the lost @mahimrafu ,are you enjoying that?


She also got revenge the very next game.

I've been on the receiving end of some @gritata punishment myself, so I feel your pain.

last person in ranked battle was @aries02

My last opponent was @craite, yesterday night.

The last win I had today was @pablogomezo, j wish I could trash talk, I barely won.

@cyberblock, I'm sorry, I beat you.

Thanks for hosting this contest. I’ll give this one a shot. Last opponent I beat was @girlsrule.