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When I opened my second booster pack I found myself, stomping my foot on the ground, and groaning "gimme a legendary!"

While I was browsing the trending list on steemit, as I always do in the morning during down times at work.

I kept seeing whales spamming this new collectible card game on steemit. I remember seeing something about the game in the past. But nothing that pushed me to actually care enough to look for the game.

I don't know if these "whales" are invested in the project, but I am a gamer and this review is my honest opinion. I am not getting paid in any way shape or form.

I thought it was a rip off of the game crypto kitties. But I was pleasantly surprised to learn from the home page that you can buy/sell and trade them. Including a tournament!

But today people where posting full collections and multiple legendaries. I love legendaries! Now your speaking my language. I am a lover of all card games and MMORPG's. Spending lots of time streaming World of Warcraft on @dlive and Pokemon Go. My childhood was filled memories of collecting the Pokemon cards. After that me and my brother got heavily involved in Yu-Gi-Oh.

So I just had to give it a try....

I could'nt seem to find the link to the game's website and had too google for it to find the site. But I found it quite easily.


You simply connect via steem connect, a process most of us are use too already.

When connected, First of you need to buy a starter pack to qualify to buy booster packs.


I am a collector and meta gamer at heart, always looking for what is considered "the best". The tournament seems to me like pay to win. Because the more doubles you get via booster packs the higher your card levels will be. (Cards are leveled by combining doubles.)

Seems pay to win. Many games are and I don't have a problem with that. There is an experience feature in tournaments, where even competing earns you experience, which is cool.

There are elements(fire,water,gold etc) with possible advantages and disadvantages, but no stats that we know of as of yet. So we can only assume levels are compared. But this is all speculation.

I am always looking for the meta in a game, but we don't have any information as of yet. A future post will cover these things.

I went on to buy 2 started packs. The animations are great for receiving your pack. You get them upside down, just like hearthstone. And click on them to flip it.


I did not get anything amazing. But I leveled some of my cards with the extra's I got.


Purchases are made with steem connect and very safe. You can pay with Steem or SBD! The second pack I was not lucky either...


The User Interface is very well done and it feels like an awesome browser game. The art is really pretty as well! And tournament rewards could earn you substantial up votes. Some exciting prospects that you should be keeping a close eye on.

There is a collection Tab where you can see all your cards with some helpful filters. You can sort element, type and rarity. You can also see which card you still need to collect. A pleasant surprise.


I will be doing a tournament, I just hope the tournaments has a skill or luck aspect to it so dolphins and minnows stand a chance to win.

I might buy some more started packs in the future. I really want a legendary. Depends on if the only winners will be the people who buy the most cards.

We should not expect too much from this game. The tournament might just be a simulation. And no skill or luck involved.

The cards might be worth more in the future. Something nice to add.

This was a short review and I am quite excited to see the future of projects like this on the platform.


Thank you for reading! (2).gif

Now I am going to look for people giving away free booster packs :)

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Meta gaming is so addictive haha. I came from MGT back in the days so I know what you're going through haha. I just made a map for the cartography contest in 3d! Took me a couple days and I missed tons of card giveaways. That's how it all begins right?


You would need to buy a bunch to be competitive. So I give away's are the only way I am getting any.

I have been seeing a lot about this lately and may just go check it out now. I also used to collect and sell Pokemon and love MMORPG's. Keep up the good work and content.

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