HOLY HOLY so excited.... WHAT a booster pack

in steemmonsters •  9 months ago

Holy i have never now been so excited to open a booster pack like i was today..

I was opening the pack and i was smoking a nice joint getting ready to write a post about my grow tent set up and what do you know i jsut happen to look up at the screen and saw this.
fire demon'.PNG

yes that's right i managed to get my self a EPIC fire demon in just third day of opening booster packs.

cards day 3.PNG
So the rest is nothing good at all but i it was well worth it getting this card ready now for the foil only tournament.

So this is a great find for this contest / giveaway going on for the next week https://busy.org/@steemmonsters/legendary-gold-foil-giveaway-to-celebrate-100-000-packs-sold

So why not go on over and join steem monsters and try to get some gold foils.

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Nice!! The fire demon looks really cool ;)

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