What happen to Aplha cards when Beta cards are in circulation?

Hello SteemMonsters, This is just a thought but now that all the alpha cards are sold out apart from the kickstarter packs and with the new beta cards to be released soon, will the value of alpha cards drop? will they become less powerful in the game?

If now there are 59 cards in a deck with standard and gold decks out there, what happens after another deck is released? There might not even be 59 cards in new decks but one thing i know is when more cards are released, the value of old one's dip because everyone's chasing new cards and the alpha cards will take a backseat for a while. Being someone with no knowledge of how these sorts of games works, everything is new. I was wondering someone out there with more know has been through this before. I mean we all own cards in a game that has not gone live yet, how often does that happen? Im excited but weary of what's around the corner.

I have noticed that since the alpha packs sold out the price of most monsters has been on the rise. Last week you could buy commons for 2 cents, not they are all 4+ cent. Common gold foil's have almost doubled and everything else is up a little, even my gold legend is worth more than a few days ago. Like i said before, im not a gamer so my main interest in this will be the leasing market if one appears. I am 90% sure that i will try the game and see if i can it into it but for now, i have no attachment to the cards and it's just a fun gamble investment.

Anyways, it will be interesting to see what happens to the dollar value of the alpha cards when beta cards are released. I predict a drop off in price and a slow, slow recovery. My gold legend is gonna buy me my retirement motor......

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I only have beta cards

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I hope my beta cards are still good....

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I was thinking the same. I think it will depend on how many new cards will be released and how many differences there will be between the Beta and Alpha. I hope there is enough differences that the value and uniqueness of Alpha cards are protected.

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It's not so much about the cards primarily, but the player base. The game will need to sustain a reasonably large player base to cover what will be millions of cards in existence.

As with everything, there will be a handful of whales and the rest will be minnows. It'll be up to the game developers to find ways to keep the minnows engaged while the whales sweep all the daily prizes (at least most). Because no matter how good your strategy is, a level 2 deck will be weak against a level 10 deck.

It'll be a fine balancing act for the devs. The 80/20 rule applies here like everywhere else. This is a business, and 80% profits will be earned from 20% of the customers. But you still need those other 80% customers otherwise you will not have a business.

If they can do it, get the balance right - and keep players - then this game will be massive and the card values will take care of themselves.

Just my 2c

didn't even think about their being a leasing market for steemmonsters, seems like a good idea

there will be 900k new beta boosters released all of the original 59 cards will return in beta along with 5 new summoners and 5-10 new neutral monsters(which any summoner can use). thats what ive gathered from discord chat in the last few days. i think it will just be 5 new monsters and 5 new summoners but i cant remember exactly what they said for the monster count.

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