Announcing results for Steem Monsters 10 Card Packs giveaway!!

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Hi Steemians

As some of you might know, last week I hosted a small Steem Monster card pack giveaway contest. I had 10 card packs for giveaway and today I am gonna announce the result of this giveaway. 

First of all I want to thank each and everyone who supported and participated in this giveaway. I was actually not expecting so many comments. And that too quality, juicy comments. I think to some extent Steem Monsters has united the Steemit community, isn't it?!!

I was really hoping that with the giveaway post payout, I'll get some profits and I will buy more packs to distribute among the participants as you guys participated with all your heart and not just to get free packs. I could tell that by your genuine comments. But since the price of Steem fell even low, I wasn't able to make any profit and actually some loss as I use bid bots for post exposure. 

Anyways, I think this genuine participation in my giveaway still deserves some reward and therefore I will send single cards to all runner ups!! And of course 10 winners will get their card packs as mentioned in the contest. I guess that would make everyone happy-happy!!

So here are 10 card packs winners

  1. @thecryptotrader
  2. @bamboozled
  3. @liberacesghost
  4. @veleje
  5. @onswitch
  6. @blockurator
  7. @focusfit
  8. @brandonk
  9. @mys
  10. @talaxy

And runnerups who will get a single card each

  1. @davemccoy
  2. @arbit 
  3. @ironshield
  4. @kiokizz
  5. @turegaming
  6. @cryptoeater
  7. @omitaylor
  8. @hrz
  9. @originalmrspice
  10. @the01crow
  11. @thehermitmonk
  12. @steemmillionaire
  13. @davsner
  14. @bobbythegreat

I hope everyone of you already have Steem Monster account. I'll be asking you to provide your Steem Monsters username and then I will transfer the card packs or cards to your account. In case you get a legendary or gold foil card in your card pack, then don't forget to post about it here!!



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I confirm also the I have the same monster username: STEEMMILLIONAIRE. Thank you!

Yay! So exciting. Confirming! Username is my sm account.

Sent your gift. Enjoy!!

My Steem Monsters account name is Blockurator. Thanks for a great giveaway.

Sent your gift. Enjoy!!

@siddartha, sorry for the delayed replay, I had problems with my Internet...
My Steemmonsters account is davsner.

Sent your gift. Enjoy!!

Thank you very much! :)

Yeah! THANK YOU! Bamboozled is my steemmomster accountMonster.png

Sent your gift. Enjoy!!

Congratulations to everyone and a big thank you for this generous give away ! It was actually my main reason that I got my starter pack !
I hope a lot of legendarys for everyone := )
my steemmonster username:

Great that you already bought a starter pack. I think it will also get expensive down the road. And here is to hoping that you all get legendaries and gold cards!
Sent your gift. Enjoy!!

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veleje is my steemmonsters account

Sent your gift. Enjoy!!

my weak monsters... oh

Don't worry, you might still get some legendaries during competitions!

You really help this community to grow. Keep going!

Confirming my steemmonster's @mys account

Sent your gift. Enjoy!!

Thanks, it was great to participate. There are still many hidden games to discover.

Hi Onswitch, could you please confirm your Steem Monsters username?

Sent. Enjoy the gift!!

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Hey this is great, i'm a runner up! I have a steem monster account. "ironshield" Thank you so much! @ironshield

One more king for the stack! Thank you @siddartha. Appreciated! @ironshield

Sent your gift. Enjoy!!

Such a nice act! Thank you!

Steemmonsters Username: brandonk

You are most welcome!
Sent your gift. Enjoy!!

My favorite number is number 3! I won and I am very thankful for this. I can not wait to get my packs and open them. My username is Liberacesghost. I hope that I get lucky with my packs. GOLD cards and Legendary. Woot Woot.

Who said lucky numbers don't bring any luck!!!
Sent your gift. Enjoy!!


Same name: arbit

Sent your gift. Enjoy!!

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Thanks for the giveaway @siddartha, and congrats to the winners.

My SM username is @kiokizz.

Have a good day :)

Sent your gift. Enjoy!!
Have a good day too!

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