Tales of Battle: 13th Place

Normally, 13th place is nothing to brag about. Hell, it still isn't. However, this was my third tournament so far, and I was glad to have at least made it to round 4 before getting beat. I did win one of the battles in that round at least, but then I lost the next two. I wasn't surprised... I'm familiar with most of the people who play in these tournaments from my many ranked battles. I know who beats me most often. ha.

After I lost, I took a break from battling to hang out with my wife and our two dogs instead of battling strangers with digital cards.

I received 1 steem for my super amazing 13th place finish, though. This was a practice battle with a pretty low payout. Still, 1 Steem... better than 0 Steem right?

This was the tournament. An Ark Practice Tournament.

Oh no! Shark Monsters!

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i played too. have to admit, they have done a brilliant job. .
can't wait for the bronze and silver and novice tournaments. that's where real talent (or luck) is going to shine through

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