STEEM MONSTERS Season Rewards - Getting Gold!

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Season Rewards Update

After buying 110+ packs, this season I couldn't get past diamond 3 and into diamond 2. Interesting and concerning that after a big investment I actually moved backwards. Maybe I didn't play as much, it felt harder this season,and I faced much stronger decks in Gold and Low diamond. I am seeing more level 8 cards in Gold, something I almost never saw before. I don't know if these players just suck and can't get higher or what the deal is. This is also resulting in only getting 40 cards this season and not 50, not to mention the reduced daily rewards.

Season Rewards - Edited.png


Gold some Gold - Only Common Gold, but hey who is complaining about a free Gold card. I will add it to my growing stack of Gold cards.

  • Gold Undead Minotaur
  • Epic Daria Dragonscale Summoner

Here is how I opened them


Thoughts, Rewards were OK

Can't complain with FREE but, I always enjoy stronger legendary to deploy.

Future plans.

I am stubborn, so I have decided to double down, and buy cards on the market to build up and out my decks. I want to make this thing a Diamond 1 level deck. I have bought a few packs as one offs that were ok, but I will need to post about them on a later date when I can find the screen caps.

Want to Start but not sure what its like to play with just the basic starter pack??

Check out my project @senstlessmonster of playing from just the $10 starter pack and what you can expect. I track all cards, reward cards, sales, and progress.

Want to get in the game - join via my link!

Monster on!!



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