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RE: Steemmonsters / Splinterlands: Please make Delwyn usefull

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OK but when Archmage was released he cost 6 Mana, so one Mana more as Delwyn - also at this time it was clear that this difference exist.

Another Point: In the Podcast about the SEEM/Germinator-Crowdfunding-Campaign @yabapmatt was asked about this 5 Mana cost of Delwyn and he was answerring, that it's except the water summoner the only summoner who add +1 magic bonus and so you can use dragons only with Delwyn with magic bonus.

Is it really fair to tread investors from SEED/Germinator-Campaign in that way that you not only release Archmage before they can reedem their Tron token, no you also reduce later Manacost of this Archmage to the same like Delwyn and spoil with this decision their investment ?


Hi. The time of the Podcast was for "SEED/Germinator-Crowdfunding-Campaign" times - right? So his answer is correct directly to this time when no any Archmage was exist.

Maybe I can agree about 6 to 5 Mana of the Archmage reducement.
But can't agree with the Delwyn. It's a common card. If it could be Rare one
I could support this.

Don't know if his answer was correct, cause you could use Archmage before Delwyn. So if you take the side of possibility to use in battle when Delwyn was released Archmage already exist.

In every case I think to do this in such a little time difference is not the best way to deal with investors - right ?

Another point: You think, that a rare is always stronger than a common card ?
Where is this written ?

Just one example:

I take to similiar monster - both tanks, one is rare the other common:

  1. Frozen Soldier (rare)
  2. Flesh Golem (common)

both cost 6 Mana & both have 2 abilities.

  1. Magic Reflect and Shield
  2. Heal and Void

OK it depends from the ruleset but if it's not "no heal" I think that the abilities of the Fleseh Golem are more usefull than that of the Frozen Soldier.

The Flesh Golem has 11 life and if he get summoner buff 12 life what bring him a nice healing of 4 lifepoints each round.

The Frozen Soldier has 7 shield, but only 6 life - so he will be killed from magic attacking monster quite quick.

If you would let both alone fight against eachother the Flesh Golem would win in (nearly) every case, but I would guess that also if you look to the game statistic the Flesh Golem is used much more often than the Frozen Soldier.

So you really think further that rare cards are always stronger than common cards ?

Lets go this example.
I think there were the times when the was no many Magic creatures in the game.
Take the ALPHA cards only:
So the Frozen Soldier was enough strong if you double his Armor&HP against the Melee & Ranged Monsters
and with a Magic Reflect it is bad opponent for the single mage.

So the time changes and the cards some kind loose their positions.
This time better to much regenerate than to stand besieged lone tanks.

So there is (there were) some kind of logic in the game balance.

The mages are strong enough, 'cos they never miss, than ranged can do.

Hm - If I take the Alpha Cards than I see that water had already two magic monsters (by the way also other splinter had already two magic monster), so if you have the Medusa with 4 (3 + Summoner Buff) and the Mischievous Mermaid with 5 ( 4 + Summoner Buff) damage the Frozen Soldier is away in the first round, they do 9 damage and the Frozen Soldier has only 6 life points - and the Magic Reflect make not enough damage to kill one of them.

So I think against magic attack the Flesh Golem with void was also in the alpha-version much stronger than the Fronzen Soldier and as I told in the fight monster against monster he would win in every case.

I play also alpha-card-tournaments and I can tell you that if you would do a statistic the Flesh Golem is sure more in use than the Frozen Soldier.

I think that the Spineback Turtle is also more in use than the Frozen Soldier but I don't wanted to compare them cause they have different Mana-costs (4 to 6) and sure one of the reason why the player take more often the Spineback Turtle as tank than the Frozen Soldier is that than they can use this 2 Mana at another posiiton.

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