What I think about Steem Monsters (Steem Monster Giveway 1UP Airdrop)

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I think as soon as the Beta cards become available, the Alphas will become much more in demand. There will also be a rush to acquire the new cards, through beta packs and trading. It's possible that the Betas will be more expensive than the Alphas for a while... until people's collection gets large enough.

The Beta Cards Look Very Interesting

Time will tell which of these new cards will be most effective in combinations. What do you think?

Here is your chance to win an Undead Priest Card

Do the following things to be entered:

  • Upvote
  • Resteem
  • Comment with your Steem Monsters Username.


Check out this post about an opportunity to win a rare gold foil undead priest.

#steemmonsters #card-giveaway #1up

This is a special Steem Monster bounty post for 1UP, the Curation System for Communities__. Check out the fundraiser to learn more about its function and the latest airdrops: https://fundition.io/#!/@steem-1up/0xxjea70g.

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I think that for a short time after the beta booster come out, the beta cards will be more interesting for people. Most people want to have every single card at least once and they already have the alpha cards. Especially the new summoners and splinterless monsters will be highly demanded.

After some time people and new players will realize that alpha cards are better than beta cards (not the stats but the XP) and want them. That should increase the market price by a good amount.

And yeah I agree, the beta cards look very interesting!

Thanks for the giveaway!
(My Steemmonsters username is the same: thebluewin)