Open boosters card in steemmonsters game

in #steemmonsters6 years ago

I won the quest, I got a booster pack from steemmonsters in daily quest

Thank you very much @steemmonsters for daily quest.

Today 2 boostwrs card open recive

All steemmonsters players don't forget to complete your daily quests as well.

Your can play and entry my link


Thank you

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Several times I've been lucky enough to get my hands on legendary and gold cards through daily quest. It's really great if you don't have a lot of money to spend on 500+ booster packs.

Congratulations! You keep getting better.

What - so we are married then, don't I have to say I do?

I always make sure I collect my daily reward, I see now that we have the update its been reduced to winning 5 matches, not that the matches have gotten easier but still very cool and a great way to improve your deck over time

mana and rule every time change . You can check leaderboard battle.
thank sir @chekohler . I like death and fire splinters.Death splinters is very good in low level.

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thank you very much @mcoinz79

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I need some help. Can you please tell me if it is compulsory to pay 10usd to start playing steemmonsters?? Nobody is answering me.

How did you receive 2 packs in 1 day?

My mom gave it to me.

I'm gonna need a better reason than your silly dare to stop talking.

You've got some nice cards there, hit me up on discord if you're interested in trading them :D

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