steemmonsters daily swear fest - finshed in gold 3 with a chicken

in steemmonsters •  21 days ago 

trying to slip in a few rounds before end of season

LOLZ - another day of win 1 - lose 6 again and again and again

doesnt look like i will make it to gold 2 dammit

whoops - fucked that up right back to silver 1 - god fucking dammit

all these fucking gold card players

fucke me - now i'm trying to battle it back to gold 3 and still losing my ass

well - there went that 150 points LOL

really - another fucking losing streak - at this rate i'll be all the way back in silver 2 - FUCK FUCK FUCK

up to 200 points fucking lost

made it to the last daily of the season GO PIRATES

blasted through that pretty easy today - and managed to finish in gold 3


HEY - i finally got a damn chicken LOL

the daria is a nice one too ;)

see you degens next season

computer died - need to find my backup for template post (or make a new one)

now the laptop is over-heating - upvote this shit so i can buy a new one please ;)

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