Plado Emberstorm for free? Resteem and Upvote to get FREE delegation for 5 days!

in steemmonsters •  3 months ago  (edited)

Winner is



Please enjoy your free 5 days of Plado!

Wanna try out Plado Emberstorm for free?


upvote+resteem now, and i will randomly delegate Plado Emberstorm for 5 days to a luckiest guy or girl!

Good Luck All!

Still thinking getting on the battlefield?


Here's the link!

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upvoted and resteemed 😊


you won the lease for 5 days! congrats!


Wow. That's great @rollie1212. Will it just appear in my account? I'm not sure how delegations work. 😊

upvoted and resteemed :0)

Nice, let me try.

  ·  3 months ago (edited)

Good deal, but I have 3 lvl :P

upvoted and resteemed!