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Sucesfully Packed Every Steem Monster! Legendary giveaway!!!

in steemmonsters •  6 months ago

I recently got introduced to the brand new up-and-coming Steem Monsters game currently in alpha. After the past few days of hype across steemit I had some high expectation going in. Needless to say, after creating an account at, I was hooked and my imagination ran wild with all the possibilities of this game. Before I knew it, I had purchased a total of 167 packs to unlock every single card and I want to share my collection with you.  (Contest rules at the end of the post)






If this post receives at least 50 upvotes I will give away one legendary Chromatic Dragon. The rules are simple. All you have to do is upvote, resteem, follow my account, and comment with a random number 1-500. The post with the closest number (predetermined by me) will win the dragon. 

I will be doing doing more contests and Steem Monster related posts in the comings days. Stay tuned for info and giveaways. 

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Well, i dnt think this will get to the 50 upvotes but cool to have lots of cards.

I just got in today and bought a basic $5 pack.

Good luck in achieving your goal! I should start collecting some of these cards, the game looks fun.

@rodimusprime I hope it’s reaching 50 votes soon :)


If it doesn't I might do a repost with the same rules. Maybe add another normal legendary as well.