Steem Monsters Market Tutorial! Buy and Sell Cards Now! Is this the first SMT? Mt Mox?

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Monster Market Now Open!

Buy & Sell Now!


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Thank You!

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I can't wait to see what happens with this game! I think it has a bright future!

A developed creature gets a detail increment, a bigger pool of aptitudes, a visual overhaul, and gives more gold to its Habitat.

It will likewise enable you to round out the Monster Book - one of only a handful couple of approaches to gain jewels without spending genuine cash.

Regardless of your playing style, you're ensured to profit by one means or another for overhauling your creatures.

Interesting....just with a twinckle of an eye, monster card can be bought and sold from the comfort of home.

Hello sir , I am going to follow you and follow me back please.

@reseller done bro followed all social media and also ready to trade on market best of luck

Hi @reseller....nice blog and what's your idea

Fantastic work with this one, kudos

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That is some cool development for the steem ecosystem.

I just Got into the Steemmonsters fever. Spent 30 Steem but no luck at all with my cards :( I guess I'll wait until we get more info of the cards, atributes, etc.. Holding now should be the right move. Let's see what happens. Cheers!


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Waao now we can sell or buy cards ! yeeeeeeeh

Awesome post man, this is just the kind of thing that n00bs like me need :)
How do you max out a card though, I still don't understand how that works. is it through combining cards?

yeah you take the same cards and "combine" them to make stronger cards.

Awesome, I have been waiting for this. I saw the announcement on discord late last night and I was straight on it. Dropped everything to have a look.It is really well designed and user freindly too. No idea about pricings right now but that is all part of the fun. You said 'the gist of the market' a couple of times........I am the Jist of the market , literally. Good point about smt's, this is all epic!

Just like we expected, I must say I was expecting a worst version of the market, but it looks super clean, easy to use and useful (most importantly).

We are awaiting for SMT´s for a while, but we might be facing the first true SMT right here!!

This is very cool. @steemmonsters is now the most technologically advanced card game in the world. 👍

you are doing great .

Great information... thanks

How do I get trading cards/badges? I'm at level 270 in game and I haven't even recieved one card yet, much less a badge.

@reseller done brother took after every single social medium and furthermore prepared to exchange on advertise good luck

I would like to play this, I love online games, it's a pity I do not have enough money to invest

MT Gox, how I hate that name ^_^. I wonder if their case is still open.

goood job buddy

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