Free 4000 TROLL COINS/ Free Splinterland Cards/ Steem-Bounty Added: Crazy Comment Contest !

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Much like the show Seinfeld, this topic is about nothing !

Yes, you read that right. This topic is about nothing at all. I have nothing of substance to say and in this topic neither do you.


Place a random comment in the comment section. It can be about anything, the more crazy and shocking the better. This contest is about having fun and reading the other entries so don't forget to upvote the entries that you thought were the craziest.


  • Four Entrants Will Be Splitting the Steem-Bounty
  • Four Entrants Will Receive 1000 TROLL COINS Each
  • Two Random Entries will receive Splinterland Reward Cards
  • Winners will be announced on the 7th day of post creation in the comment section !

What is TROLL coin ?

The troll coin was founded by @tufkat and was created via (A new addition to the blockchain that allows users to create their own token).
The purpose of the (TROLL) token is to throw it at the users who are the trolls here. The more #TROLL you hold, the more #TROLL you are.

What is @steem-bounty

  • @steem-bounty is a reward placed on a topic that is distributed to the participants in the topic. 95% of the bounty is distributed according to the votes from the bounty creator. 5% or the rest of the bounty is determined by votes of everyone else that voted on the comments. This initiative was started by @knircky

What is @splinterlands ?

Steem-Monsters/Splinterlands is a digital card game created by @aggroed and @yabapmatt. Early game release has launched and prizes are already up for grabs. Some of the cards in this game have already sold for upwards of $3000. Manual Prize tournaments have started with thousands of dollars in Steem already given out as prizes. If you haven't yet checked out Steem-Monsters do so by clicking here. You can sign into the official site using your Steem details.

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Winners Announcement

Thank you so much.

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You're Welcome.

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Folded arm dwarf received, thank you.

BTW, I was tempted to send you a challenge after reading your post yesterday. I'm happy I didn't because you performed very well in one of the bronze tournaments that I also participated :)

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You're Welcome,

I'm currently online and will be for the next 20 minutes or so if you want to send that challenge then fire away.

Nah! I wouldn't do this anytime soon. I need to train more and improve my cards.

I have to be sure of taking you (Anthony Joshua) down lol

So, I'll inform you when I'm ready for you 😉

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Good luck with your training, I'll be waiting ..... .. :P

Yeah, thanks 😉✌

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Can we mostly continue to appreciate and ignore the disregard for a creation of everything so far as to exist?

I tried to make a sentence that makes you think you've misread it, hopefully it confuses you haha.

Nice entry, oddly enough my brain was able to comprehend what was typed without having to go over it 2nd time.

I only had to go through the second half again. Just to make sure. And I was right on the first time. But because I had read your second sentence first, which was misleading.

You got me lol I was lost in the first paragraph but came to life after reading the second :)

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Yeah. That's it, base on the name. Only for Trolls though, are you a Troll?

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If you have to ask
then you're a troll
even if he's not
but he is
or is he

If you have to ask
Then you're a troll even if
He's not but he is

                 - felipejoys

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Hahahaha. @haikubot bot owner come and check this out.

Maybe but maybe not

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Exactly!... I think.

Nice fun...
Cheers up

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I wanna become a bounty hunter!

Dear @rentmoney I have Ben following you for a while ,thanks you so much for this contest

I hope I win the SM card "))

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You're welcome and thanks for following me.

Something tells me one of those SM cards will end up being yours :)

Lol I get the feeling too :)

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What is the meaning of not knowing the things that matter to us, because the matter is an object that can't be defined by our laws of physics as far as the meaningful people know.

How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood ?

It means you're wise!

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Was that a question or

@rentmoney, Nothing means everything and everything means nothing because, when we focus towards one thing then we can achieve that particular thing but when we focus towards everything then we stand with anything. 😁

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Nothing is something worth doing.

True. 👍

That's right... I try to do the less possible

Have nothing to comment.

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Sure we can, no-one needs to see what's on our feet during a video call.

Lol 😂 😂 😂

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What if after wearing your designer suit, you have to use the bathroom to poop 💩 ?

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@rentmoney trolled us last time in Steem Monsters Battle Steem ! 😁
ships diagonal


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I certainly did ...... :P

I was wondering how many would notice.

I loved that Seinfeld episode!!!

I started a re-watch of the series last night. So far I'm two episodes in.

Wow, this contest is a tough one. It is hard to outcrazy people on internet.

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Truer words have never been spoken.

Sure! 💯

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This post made me realize some things, and the majority of those things are so meaningless that it would add confusion to the meaninglessness of this comment even further, so I will simply it by saying I've realized I have what seems to be a developing desire for Steem-engine tokens. I find this to be proof that Steem-engine is good. That is all. Thank you for this.

I have been collecting as many Steem-Engine tokens as possible also. Steem-Engine is a cool addition to the blockchain. I am sure many have wanted to own their own crypto and now its easier then ever to do that.

Goth kids should just be called shadow hippies.

How're about calling them hippos?

I can do hippos!

Craazzy zz zyy. Comment

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That is one crazy comment !

Craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa . . . zzy!

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Really happy for this massive giveaway! Count me in.

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I'm a Troll, give me TROLL :)

I'm confused by the series of seinfeld series.

Oddly enough I started a re-watch last night. I'm currently on the 3rd episode.

LOl the only blog post on steemit where great post is an affectable answer and not met with stop comment spamming! Ah sweet release, Ive been meaning to great post someone for so long

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The average adult spends more time on the toilet than they do exercising.

If I was drinking anything I would have spit it out while reading this.

Nice entry !

Ack. Remind me not to sit across from you when we go out for drinks. o.O

Congratulations @rentmoney!
Your post was mentioned in the Steem Hit Parade in the following category:

  • Comments - Ranked 4 with 61 comments

I'll get that number one spot one of these days !

I wish you good luck on this @rentmoney

Thanks, I think my latest topic might be in the running.

I got one real friend to join steem. I know it is shocking and crazy to think my post making money proved to him that he should maybe post here instead of facebook...... then what does Facebook do make a damn coin those guys are watching me and him.

As someone incredibly wise from Portugal's socialite once said, "to be alive is the opposite of being dead".

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What if I was a Vampire ?

Then it would be equal.

Humm... then you would be in a life and death continuous state, and you should bite the socialite for saying nonsense 😂

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Someone incredibly wise from Guatemala once said "Sleeping is the state of being death while you're alive".

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we have not faced several times in sm, so hot dog pending

Thanks for the giveaway
Count me in ☺😊

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A purple pig and a green donkey flew a kite in the middle of the night and ended up sunburnt.

Sounds legit ......

Its a dance off ......

Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.. lets dance )

My pills! Has anyone seen my pills?

Nope (as I chew on something crunchy).

I have nothing of substance to say either and feeling too blah to add anything crazy. I could do with a bit of crazy though. It might cheer me up a bit . . .

Who miss this crazy contest like that? Who? Who? Not me. Haha!

Above the bench, the goat lives. Under the bench the goat crack.

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What about inside the bench ?

Inside is God, of course! 😜

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Cthulhu love this game. Fhtagn.

The Call of Cthulhu...

I saw somebody's post saying netflix is making a steemmonsters movie. I clicked on it and there really was a trailer with a dark purple crystal energy thing.

Could it really be true? I knew some investors were crazy but not this crazy. Sure, steem would skyrocket, but I don't think it would cover the costs for a MOVIE, you know!

Now that I think about it, a five minute short movie on a big place like netflix would be viable. It could get some hype. And that's what motivates people to spend their money on random stuff. Hype.

But yeah, it was just some random movie. I really had my hopes up for a minute. But nah. Damn that gold selling steemian. My heart broke a bit. Well, I am commenting about it now so that's not a complete loss.

A short mini series would be awesome / who knows it might go viral.

First one!
Well... Umm... Ola k ase(?)

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