Winner of steemmonster card giveaway contest #17|| Announcement of steemmonster card giveaway contest #18

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In my last steemmonster card giveaway contest total 2 people participated. And they gave right answer and they are :

So only two people participated. So I choose the winner by useing . So the winner is @moncia90 congratulation bro your card already sent to your account. Check please.. And to see that contest battle Click here

So in this post I am going to giveaway the card below-

Element : Earth
Edition : Reward
Type : Monster
Rarity : Common

How to get that card?

To get that card you have to guess about the winner. I will provide a screenshot of battle then you have to guess who is the winner. Just give your comment that who is the winner. Comment with steemmonster id.
Example : Winner is "A" or "B"

Comments on this post before the post's age reach 1 day will be considered as a valid request for participation. After 1 day, I will pick all of the usernames from the comment section. Then I will randomly select one user as the winner. I will send the card to the selected winner of this contest.

The battle's screenshot is-

Now guess the winner.

Rules of the contest

  • Comment with you steemmonster's steemit id. If you comment with normal id which is not in steemmonster then I wont take your user name for winner selection.
  • Don't comment more than one.
  • Don't comment after 1 day or 24 hour.

I will announce the winner name in my next giveaway post. Till then follow my blog. Thanks for reading this post. .


winner is B

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