Steem Monsters statistics! [battles, purchases, combines and more]

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All the data presented here is available on my page, which is a polish community statistics page (tags, users, activity, etc).

You will find it here:

It will be updated daily and have more Steem Mosters statistics soon (after solving some bugs). Right now I'm presenting the data collected for October for purposes of this post.

I used SteemSql, to be more specific - the table "TxCustoms" holding custom steem jsons.

Lets combine some cards!

You love to play with your alpha or beta cards? What over players do?


Just toggle ON only gold cards chart to see scaled line of gold combines.

Battle to the end!

Am I crazy or other players do also play all night long? We can see a rise after announcing SM quests.


Is anyone playing practice games?


Summoners level

In transactions "sm_find_match" we wouldn't find exact summoner level. Probably it is just category for the algorithm that matches opponents.


Steem Monsters popularity

To my knowlegde and collected data, before the 10-10-2018 there was no "sm_purchase_record" transactions indicating the number of starters or boosters sold. Lets see on the chart below, how many packs we buy every day?


You want to see only a chart of sold starter packs? Just toggle off the legend for other time series and here we have:


Buy, sell or hodl?

Data mostly needed for SM cards gambling on the market ;)


Note: only orders, not fills.

Thank you for your attention, and if you want to know more just observe the page where stats will be updated daily and supplemented with more data.

It will be developed further here:

Meanwhile, join the game: :)

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Great work on this, I only just discovered the post too late to vote - so this comment payout will go to you automatically :)

Thanks :)

Starter packs spiked just after Quests announcement :D

Seems right :)

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cool data table!

Amazing work on the charts! Love this!
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Great stats! I hope holding my cards was the right decision haha

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This is very cool! I have been playing around with the data coming from the SteemMonsters API, but not via SteemSQL. I'm analysing the data using Google Sheets, getting results like this...

I like the information that you're presenting though, and I'll be keen to watch and learn from you as well. Thanks for sharing this.

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I use blockchain data because it is only verifiable data :) and api.. is controlled by makers ;)