Steem Monster Statistics - new features!

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Steem Monsters (after rebranding: Splinterlands) is probably the most successful dapp on the Steem blockchain. The game is not perfect but is driven by passionate people, who enjoy developing it further.

Some time ago I made statistics about Steem Monsters gameplay:

Recently I've added more data to the charts!

New Stats

For me, the most interesting new chart - concerning Tournaments popularity. Automatic Tournaments started February 23. You can see that about 1/3 players who enter tourneys, do not check in before.

Battles chart was updated with In-tournaments games, Surrender and Challenge games lines.

Let's turn off the Ranked games series to see something spectacular:

We can see some stormy periods in Steem Monsters life!

  • Spike of practice games played - to finish quests, now only ranked
  • Spike of challenge games due to manual tournaments
  • Spike of In-Tournament games due to the start of automated Tourneys

Wanna know how many times there was a delegation of cards?

Let's compare the number of bought and actually opened packs!

These and more stats can be found here: , updated daily.

My charts are made only from data that appear in Steem blockchain.

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My charts are made only from data that appear in Steem blockchain.

Are there any more data? What about?

For example data about gifting packs, cards, exact combined cards or delegated, tournament, ranked hashes etc.

That’s a lot :o

Encouraging stats on delegations despite not having an automated market! I imagine this will substantially increase when an interface figures out how to automate a market for it!

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That was my impression as well that overall Ranked and Tournament Games have gone down.
Hopefully the new Tron Announcement plus DEC feature will bring more players back.

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