DEC currency in Splinterlands - How it already affects the ecosystem of the game?!

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We can make some conclusions concerning DEC already. I will present you some stats from my site link.

One of the biggest non-gambling games on Steem blockchain - "Splinterlands" has presented new in-game currency DEC. It can be traded on and earned by playing ranked games or by burning cards. Although I do not see tokens issued on this platform as real tokens (centralized, not native), these are used by Steemians quite a lot (while waiting for native SMT), and DEC had a great start also.

In my opinion, presenting DEC to the ecosystem of the game is a great solution for fixing reward cards problem (lots, cheap) and a great opportunity for speculators. Because what is better to do? Burn cards and earn DEC to buy potions & orbs and get better cards, or wait for other people to do it and sell rewards for a higher price?



DEC is available only for 4 days now, but we can see a small rise in active players already.


Orbs are the special boosters with new, powerful cards. As you can see there is a rise in delegations too. People need stronger cards to go higher in the ranking to get more tokens (the higher rank the higher DEC prize for winning the battle).


FOMO on the first day was hard (fear of missing out). Now the number of orbs being bought and opened is stabilizing.

So many rewards edition cards turned to ashes!


And finally - potions. Do these work as expected? What do you think - reply in the comments section.

Feel free to check on these stats whenever you want on my site:

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Ended up cashing in on all the potions and so far so good. Got my mystery card for the day which turned to GOLD via another potion.

Got 5 bonus cards as well so makes for some pretty nice extras when you combine them all.

Brilliant potions?

ya, I have them all active at the moment at 100%

About to cash in 250,000 DEC for 110 orbs curious what is in them.

Interesting data, I were one of those who buyed a legendary potion, obtained a Lord of Fire in my second pack of Winds of change, but by now the effect of the potion went unnoticed, maybe I will have to test with the mystery potion, as their are being the most used.

You wrong - the Steem Monsters is thegame enough with the gambling:
people are hunting for the Gold Foil Legendaries - by open upping Booster Packs (+ now Orbs)

When you buy packs you're gambling, but in the market you can buy the card you want. And you get a passive income through playing that you don't get in any gambling game, so are different bussiness models imo.

Any details - where are the delegating hype so rises?
Where all these circulating?

I believe all kinds of cards - because you need stronger teams to be higher in ranking to get more dec.. so delegation is good thing.

Hi, my request:
the statistics on the same graph - special Potions bought and the rise of the legendary & gold foil cards in opened packs (Beta Booster Packs and Daily Quest Rewards - better separately from each other).